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Thursday, February 7, 2019


February 07, 2019 3 Comments

Diabetes prevalence in the Philippines is about 6.2% or 3.7 million of the population have diagnosed with Diabetes. According to International Diabetes Federation, there will be a potential increase of 183 million by 2045 in the WP Region and that includes the Philippines.

Since 2013, Diabetes have ranked 6 for the cause of death of many Filipinos and since then, no data have recorded yet but the prevalence are increasing rapidly. Together with the Department of Health and other private sector, the Diabetes Community have already set goal to fight against Diabetes.

I would also like to share my expertise in the field of nutrition on how you can manage diabetes. We have the so-called Alphabet of Diabetes which will discuss the top priority for person with diabetes in which they should closely monitored.



Get advice from the health professional who would know best about your condition. Never do self-medication or relay on articles at the internet because anything you found in the internet are usually generalized not personalized and based only to theories. Though it has research-based studies, it still be best for you to relate it to your condition and not purely by making assumption about your condition.

Stay healthy by avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy and unplanned diet, unmonitored laboratory testing and negligence of signs and symptoms.


Blood Pressure must be closely monitored to avoid further chronic disease that may take place to the patient diagnosed with Diabetes. Since it is a progressive disease, it can lead to a more severe cases which we do not like to happen. Monitoring your blood pressure will avoid you from any cardiovascular disease and hypertension.


Another thing you need to monitor is your cholesterol level. Your bad cholesterol will also lead to Cardiovascular Disease and Blood Clotting due to increase level of bad fats in your blood stream. When Bad Fat is higher you are very high risk in acquiring chronic disease which may not be good to your condition. Lessen the bad fat and increase the good fat will keep you in good health.


The most important thing to the person with Diabetes and keeping her/his blood sugar level journal updated and well monitored. We don't want you to get to the point of very low or very high blood sugar level because of possible side effects and worst case is the sudden death. Never forget to prick and check your blood sugar level, before and after meal. Record everything so when you visit your doctor, she/he will know if they need to change your dose of medicine or refer you to your Dietitian and make your personalized meal plan.


One of the acute complication if your Diabetes is not properly manage is your Eyes Malfunction (Retinopathy) where your veins in the eyes are slowly damage which will result to blindness. So one way to avoid it is to always go to your Eyes Doctor (Opthalmologist) and do examination. Always take good care of your eyes and manage your blood sugar level always.


Unhealed wounds are commonly happened to Diabetes so we should always be careful with our skin especially with our feet. Keeping your feet in good care, cleaned and protected will avoid you from getting wounds. Also, If you don't manage your blood sugar, all your nerves are being damage and may result to lose the feeling of touch or lose your sensation. If you started to go numb into your lower extremities (from waist to feet) there is the high risk of getting wounds unknowingly and wounds even it is a small one will not heal unless you immediately take your first aid. 


Medication is also needed in managing your Diabetes. We also need to consider the Food and Drug Interaction to know what should be eaten. You must also monitor the time you must eat and the time you must take your medicine. Timing is one of the most important thing with Diabetes. You have to take your meds on time and eat on time.

To sum up everything, the Alphabet of Diabetes will help you remember on how you should manage your condition. You need to take advices from your health professional team, monitor everything from your blood pressure, cholesterol level and of course your blood sugar level, always take care of your whole body especially your eyes and feet and always take your medicine on time.

There's no going back if you will be diagnosed with Diabetes but you can always control and hinder its progression. As long as you keep yourself discipline and well-monitored, you can always go with a normal life. But once you have it, you must start changing your lifestyle to survive this battle.

photos courtesy to WidgitHealth

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February 07, 2019 1 Comments

Starting a blog is not an easy task. Especially if its about writing valuable content that can be very helpful to your readers. So first thing first, you should first find your niche in blogging.

Niche is something you find within your comfort zone and can possibly excel greatly in that specific position. Niche is something you can work comfortably with and even to your darkest days, you can still find that silver lining.

With this definition, here's Five Things you can do to successfully find your niche in blogging.


If you do something you love or like, you can work without being told or drag about it to do. So in finding your niche, always consider the things you like first.


Blogging is all about connecting to your readers so after determining what you prefer or like to do, ask yourself now how the things you like would help your readers. You always have to consider THEM, your readers in determining your niche so your blogging will be successful.


This is just a deeper question about finding the things you like or love. You have to build a good foundation to things you like to share with your reader to keep you motivated. You have to be passionate about the thing you do and you are willing to do beyond your expectation and go beyond your comfort zone to allow you to grow as a blogger.


You can test your passion whenever you feel unmotivated. Would you be able to step forward even you feel not doing it? Can you still do it even you feel unmotivated? Yes, there will be a point in our journey when we feel that we need to stop doing it. We have that urge to discontinue it and feel that we made a wrong decision. But if your passionate about it and if you are determine to be successful about it, you can definitely surpass this phase.


You can always look for inspiration from others work and it will also help you to determine your niche. You can always start in the bigger picture then slowly direct yourself to something personal or something you like to do. Do your research and from that point you can sub-categories the things you have discover until you get that ONE PICTURE - your niche.

Finding your niche in blogging requires deeper understanding about yourself and the level of your passion to help your readers. You can always get inspiration from others to help you discover the things you like if you still confuse with it. You can always try and determine if it is for you or not. It is okay if you don't find it instantly. The great thing about this is you have that self-discovery moment where you can get to know yourself more and of course later in that journey, you will find something that is valuable to your readers and you are now ready to connect with them.

Road to Healthy Moisturized Skin by Derma C

February 07, 2019 1 Comments

What keeps your skin healthy is through the food you eat as well as the product you use to take care of your skin. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables will keep your skin glow especially if you take a lot of Vitamin A, E and C combined.

But since skin care have gone through innovation and practically added Vitamins to your favorite skin care, we can definitely say that having that healthy glow is now easy just like a snap. Korean Skin Care have also been famous among Asian Countries because no doubt, their skin routine does gives us glow and shiny.

Now, what will you say if I tell you that your favorite vitamin C brand had step over to gives us a new line of skin care product to help us achieve that healthy glow? Is it amazing?

I'm proud to introduce to you the Derma C by Poten Cee skin care product. They have the Derma C soap and the Derma C Facial Mask that both have Vitamin C, Collagen and 7 Natural Moisturizing Oils that will definitely help our skin go fresh and healthy.

Natural Oils which are mostly plant-based are the one that keeps our skin moisturized and hydrated. So definitely, Oils are not bad for our skin.

Vitamin C keeps are skin healthy underneath. It can keep good blood circulation to our body and balance the base-acid within our body. And when we combined it with collagen, our skin will definitely be on our best. It will boost our skin to be more firm, smooth and healthy.

So now that we found the ingredients essentials, we go through the step on how we can achieve that healthy moisturized glow. Of course we should always pick a soap or facial wash that would not swept away the oil in our face and make it dry but rather pick a soap that will deeply clean your face and will help to get your face well-moisturized.

What I'm currently using is the Derma C Soap which has the fruity flavor. It stay in the skin a little longer but doesn't have strong scent of citrus fruits. It keeps my skin soft and fresh every after my wash.

Then after you freshen up, pamper yourself with facial mask at least once or twice a week to keep away your dead skin, get deeply moisturized and rejuvenate your skin. Facial Mask with a good ingredients will gives you a fresh start right after you use it and will keep your face hydrated at the rest of the week or so.

I also tried the Derma C Facial Mask which is unscented but will definitely give you an instant glow after 20 minutes. Yes, it only takes 20 minutes to keep your face well-hydrated and achieve that glow.

I don't have perfect skin and I'm currently having skin breakdown. But it will never be the reason to keep yourself skip your skin care routine. Instead, it is the most needed time when you should be more attentive with your skin care to help you renewed your skin and get that healthy moisturized glow we always wanted. Just don't overdo everything and let your skin breathe a little. 

You attitude also take a part of your skin health. You have to live and stay happy and pretty all the time. Keep yourself away from stress and be more conscious with the food you eat. Eating more healthy foods and lessen that sugary foods will also help your skin become more healthier. 

Anyways, if you want to buy or try these product, you can try some sample packs at or you buy it to our local department store, mercury drug and/or watson. 

This is not a sponsored post. But yes, I only get sample packs from a store who offer free sample packs (but still need to pay for the shipping fee), just to share with you my 100% true and honest opinion about the product. I do not get any form of compensation by writing this review and discussion. 

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Beauty Junkee Partner for February

February 06, 2019 1 Comments

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Love Month Giveaway

February 06, 2019 2 Comments

As promised and as always, we will never get tired of thanking everyone with the love and support that we always received from you guys! and as we celebrate the month of love, we will be sharing our love to you WEEKLY.

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Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask Review

February 06, 2019 1 Comments

Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask will provide your skin to be well-hydrated and improve its skin elasticity. It is made with fine, silky fiber, the cellulose sheet mask that will fit your face curvature to evenly cover your face to deliver its essence to your skin. It helps you renews the skin to look and feel like it has received professional skin management.

My overall experience to my mask is 100% effective and ease to use with. My skin is tighter, smoother and softer. These 3 words described this mask because indeed it happened to my skin after using it. Also, it is unscented which is a plus for me and it also has extra ampoule in the pack. So I used it after removing the mask and spread it to my face then massage. And yes, I felt like I just had a facial treatment from a professional since I saw a glow in my face and a well-hydrated face after I use the mask.

The aftermath is stunning and it really hydrates my face thoroughly. If you'll ask me if I'll be recommending it? I will totally say yes to this one. It also give you extra ampoule/serum that you can use to massage your face and neck. Indeed, it is a must-have mask for everyone who's looking for a mask that will help you improve your skin.

I got mine with sampleroom. It's a free sample for me to try and give my 100% honest review with the product. I only paide the shipping fee but this product is totally free. If you want to try the product us well then join the sampleroom community now. Visit

This review is true and in the most honest opinion. I was not compensated in anyway, by giving you this content. This is not a sponsored post.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

5 Beauty Hacks with Lip Balms + Vaseline Lip Therapy Review

January 09, 2019 2 Comments

When we have dry lips during cold weather, we usually resort with lip balm. It aids dryness and keep our lips well moisturized. It also have different flavors, unscented and scented ones, as well as those tinted lip balm that seems to be on trend today.

But aside from its lip therapy benefits, it can also be used in some other beauty hacks that some of you may have used it or done it before. But if you haven't try it before, here's the 5 Beauty Hacks you can try using Lip Balm.

1. Soften Rough Cuticles. 

If you have rough, dry or cracked ankle one way to recover its smooth and well moisturized skin is by putting lip balm. Just make it as your daily habit and you will definitely see results.

2. Intensify Eye Shadow.

If concealer help your eye shadow stay longer, lip balm helps it to pop up its color. Just like how it does when you put you lip balm then your lipstick together, it gives a shiny and intensify color.

3. Reduce Under Eyes lines.

Since lip balm naturally hydrates your skin, so whenever you put it under your eyes, lines are reduced. Just make sure to brush it out to get a clean and finish look better.

4. Perfect as Highlighters.

Lip balm also ways gives us a shiny finish because it really hydrates and moisturizes our skin and lips. Because of its effect, it is also perfect as your highlighter. Just dab it to your cheeks, enough to give you the illusion.

5. Hide New Bloom Pimples.

Whether its a new pimps or not, to keep it hidden behind those make up is by applying a lip balm first to it. What it really does is to help the concealer stay in place and help as a barrier to cover up or lessen its appearance under your make up.

There's a lot more things you can do with lip balm. You can also share your beauty hacks with me at the comment section. I would love to hear yours.

When it comes to lip balm, I have my new favorite which is the Vaseline Creme Brulee lip therapy.

When you lips is the most sensitive part of your skin that are overused but we usually take it for granted in terms of skin care. Luckily we have the new friend in town who can help us to take good care of our lips by its newest formulation for its lip therapy collection - the Vaseline Creme Brulee.

Vaseline Creme Brulee are made with vaseline petroleum jelly with a sweet scent of caramel. This lip therapy helps in protecting the skin to get moisturized and absorb the natural recovering process of the skin. It is also clinically proven and dermatologically tested.

The Verdict. I've been using this product for 5 days now and my lips who's cracked and dry have improved. It become smoother and well moisturized after using it. My favorite is its caramel smell that I can eat... if only I can do that. I also use it with my tinted lip balm and from it matte finish that  I usually get with my tinted lip balm, I got a more shinier and smooth lips. It color was also intensify.

Vaseline Creme Brulee Lip Therapy (MINI) are locally available to you favorite stores like watson, department store and other leading shop center. You can also order it online at Lazada, BeautyMNL or Shopee. 

Full Size: 7g
Price: 125 php

I got it from last december, part of their christmas special brand picks. If you haven't heard about them, they are your Online Shop where you can try your favorite brands in their sample or full sizes. All you have to pay is their shipping fees. 

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year, New You Giveaway

January 06, 2019 1 Comments
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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Getting "The Balance" - My 2019 Theme

January 02, 2019 1 Comments

Happy New year everyone! Today we are now ready to take another step forward... because its 2019 already!!!!

After we recap the whole "happenings" in my year 2018, we are now planning on getting the Theme or "Your One Word" that basically describes about your goal for the whole year. We will not  be talking about Resolutions which we know that it is a habit among us but honestly, we usually fail to achieve those New Year's Resolutions. So let makes it a little difference from what we use to do.

How? By making a "Theme of the Year". I started making theme just last year after I joined a support group which tackles more about planning your life in accordance to what your goal is.

 Anyway, it is like finding your BIG GOAL every year in which you are really planning and organize the things you want to do for this year. Here, you are more FOCUS about one thing and taking little steps that will help you achieve that ONE GOAL. 

Last year is about Me and my Version 2.0 which basically focus on developing myself as a person, as a career woman and also getting a better relationship to those people I treasure the most. But for this year it will be about my finances  -  Money Theme.

Now you're getting what I meant when I say my theme is "THE BALANCE". Terms usually use in Accounting Booking where we compare the Debit and Credit Side of our finances and for this year I have to keep that balance so I can have better Finances this year.

I come up with this theme because of the amount of money I spend for 2018. That's one of the good thing of doing a year end post where you discover the part where you need to improve the most. So, this year my main goal is to "EARN OR SAVE my FIRST MILLION: through that balance sheet.

Can I really make it? Maybe and I'll be preparing my game plan for that. So for now, I just wanted to share with you my BIG GOAL or my "Theme of the Year". Keep posted as I unveil as well the "QUARTER MINI GOALS" I have towards that BIG GOAL. Happy New Year Again Everyone!

QUESTION: If I ask you about your ONE MAIN GOAL for 2019, what would it be? Share your thoughts with me below. Just comment it down and I would be glad to ready it my dearest! See you to my socials!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

365 of 365 : Standing Tall (Year End Special)

January 01, 2019 0 Comments

365 of 365 Days. This year has come to end but all the memories are fresh and will live forever. It is that time of the year were we have to look back with the things we've done and the learning we have to know. 365 days 12 months 4 quarter 1 year... 

Now let me share to my 4 quarter highlights of my year 2018. And since I started doing with "THEMES" I also fixed this year with a quarterly goal with different GOALS to achieve but of course I always make sure that is pointing correctly to my star. 

My 2018 Theme is about my Personal Growth Emotionally, Socially, Mentally or Professionally. It's my Mizdee version 2.0 year.


One funny thing I tried to do in my first quarter is to get fit. I literally overweight to what I'm suppose to have. In my line of profession, YOUR WEIGHT DOES MATTER the most because as the saying goes... do what your preach.. and if you can't do what you say, teaching others of what is best for them will not be as truthful as it is because YOU'RE NOT A LIVING PROOF. So for 2018 I decided to regain my status and my weight. I reduced 8 lbs for 8 weeks and because of my stubbornness I just sustain my initial weight until the year end.

If I'm satisfied with the result? Of course NOT! it is because I'm still overweight. but hopefully I get more result next time.


If I have to choose of my favorite months, I will choose this quarter. It was an achievement unlock for my career growth. After I got my licensed back in 2014, my name had 3 new letters attached to it whichi is the RND (Registered Nutritionist Dietitian) and now I had my new 4 letters added to my name which is the FSCO (Food Safety Compliance Officer). I got my label after I finished the 3 intensive training about food safety. I pass all the written examination as well as its practical test.

I also got my certificates as a dual role in ServSafe Food Safety Coach (Instructor and Proctor). I got my SerSafe Manager Certificates last August 2017 and I level up the thing this year.

THIRD QUARTER: Start Investing

I hardly focus on my finances this year but I decide to invest in some businesses - Online Business that have been constantly there but I never cared. So yes, I also know find a new niche which is Finance or Business which I earn extra income from it.

So you may have some idea of what I do but I gonna tell you anyway. I enter the "NETWORKING" industry focusing in the 3 most common type - Reselling (Buy and Sell Online), Affiliate Marketing and Networking Marketing.

I barely focus it all but I still started it already. I just have to finalize some of its content so for 2019, it is the start of the real "MONEY MAKING MACHINE" year for me. *finger crossed*


A year without a make over is boring. It's like a tradition for everyone that we atleast do something different to ourselves and that is how "MAKE OVER WORKS".Mine was changing my hair length and color. I cut it short and colored it with brown. If I'm satisfied? It's OKAY... Not to Great but NOT BAD at all. I just wish I can regain my old weight. Hoping.

Another thing that is NEW to me, not physically but emotionally is that I be able to treat my mom on a road trip with me and finally I officially let my mom and my boyfriend met. We've been 34 months as boyfriend/girlfriend but since my mom live in province, they haven't met yet though I talk to much about HIM over the phone.

Just a bonus points, I become more socially active to some of my accounts and I'm happy with its status. For this year, I honestly didn't do well but since it is my first year to try these "THEMES" It is not bad I guess. What problem I usually encounter to myself is that I always lost motivation somewhere in the middle of it but hopefully my 2019 will be much better. Wish me Lack.

Thank you 2018 for the learning, memories and good and bad luck. It may not be perfect year for me but at least I had the chance to celebrate it and make something different that to the previous year. Again, Thank you!

Share your thoughts with me. How was your 2018? How will you describe your year? I would really like to read all your thoughts. Just comment down below with anything that you like and I will try to read and response to you all. Happy New Year Everyone!

Monday, December 10, 2018


December 10, 2018 0 Comments
Photo by

Bad Lab is the newest bathroom Goodies for men. There formulation have carefully selected from ancient energizing, revitalizing and healing ingredients to achieve young-looking, healthy, clean, fresh, sexy, and it thus mimic a very masculine scent for them.

Photo by

There formulation have carefully selected from ancient energizing, revitalizing and healing ingredients to achieve young-looking, healthy, clean, fresh, sexy, and it thus mimic a very masculine scent for them.

I ordered 3 of their products and I ask my boyfriend to try it all. According to him, the 3 best things about their products are (1) A very Strong Masculine Scent that I personally smell to him, (2) Stay longer to his skin. (3) Keeps his overall body moisturized, fresh and healthier (from Hair to Toe).

Bad Lab Shower Gel is formulated with rejuvenating dragon's blood and fatigue-fighting chronodyn which help to soothe the skin and gives a cooling and fresh feeling every after wash. 

I get its free sample size of 80 ml but the full size they have 200 ml (189.75 php) and 400 ml (339.75 php). My boyfriend agree with the product description. After using it, it has a strong masculine scent that stay a bit longer to his body and achieved the cooling and refreshing feeling every after wash.

Bad Lab Cooling Shampoo is infused with purifying FluidiPure 8g and burst of menthol. It keeps the hair clean ans cool the head every after wash.

I get a free sample size of 80g to try. It's full sizes are 200 ml (224.75 php) and 400 ml (389.75 php). Just like the shower gel, this shampoo also have its masculine and menthol scent. My boyfriend agree that it keeps his hair healthier and feel refreshing.

Bad Lab Facial Wash deeply cleanse the face and rejuvenate the skin with it's infused ingredients of dragon's blood and energizing blue stone. It achieved the baby-faced skin care for your boyfriend and keep your face deeply cleaned, fresh and cool.

I also get a free sample size of this - 100ml full size. It comes with 2 sizes, 50 ml (149.75 php) and 100ml (259.75 php). This facial wash indeed cleanse my boyfriend face I saw the slight difference of his pores that become less visible. 

4 stars out of 5

As for our final verdict of these products, all of its essentials are (1) budget-friendly if purchase in full sizes, (2) achieve a very masculine scent for your boyfriend plus a very refreshing skin care for them. (3) If you're looking for a perfect gift for you men this Christmas, you might as well get these products for them.

I want to here your thoughts my dearest. Just share it with me at the comment section and I would love to here it too. If you want to get free samples like this you can join our group and got it for FREE from the products to its shipping. Just visit my page or click this link :