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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

To the Man I Loved Before... Thank You. || To Him From Her Series

November 12, 2019 29 Comments

Sometimes we overlook the goodness in every goodbyes we had in our lives because we dwell too much in pain. Then later in our lives, we got the courage to smile back to our painful past and turn it to a beautiful memory instead. And now that I can be that woman who can smile back and laugh about the past, I just wanted to tell you this... Thank you, especially to the man I loved before.

Thank you for giving me a chance to see myself and understand my worth as a woman. Because back then, my world is you and it was not Me & You. And now I understand that love should be equally shared by both of you, to make it work and make it last.

Thank you for letting me go and allow me to find someone who will love me despite of all my flaws and still love me even I don't feel loving myself. Because if I hold on to you, I may not see the other way of loving myself and won't allow others to love me for who I am. Because back then, I'm young, insecure and felt a need of validation from you to let me feel better.

Thank you because we both choose to grow separately and find our own happiness. Because, if We stayed with our relationship, I'm sure both of us will not be happy and we won't see a better way of loving ourselves and someone else.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate you now and I know you're not a bad person, We are just young and on progress of growing back then. We don't really have firm decision and just a curious cat about love before. 

But now, I'm really grateful about what we had before because without you or if I didn't experience that kind of love, we will not grow as a better person now and find love that we both deserve. So thank you, for being part of my past and hoping for your happiness.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Next Beauty Junkee Partner for November

November 09, 2019 11 Comments

The search for my new Beauty Junkee Partner is now open and we are looking for my "Top Beauty" this November. As my Beauty Junkee Partner, you will receive a box of gifts from Mizdee. The box will be something she got from PR kit, some unused products and pre-loved items. This box wants you to share your experience with Mizdee and send your personal thoughts about the products.

Quick Tip on how you can top this game. 
  • Make sure to Like/Follow/Subscribe to my social media accounts.
  • Be active and engage more with me in any or all of my social media accounts.
  • Join my other giveaways and blog collaborations to earn more points.
  • Always visit my blog, say hi or comment to any of my latest post.
  • You can also share some of posts and leave valuable comments for me to read.

Now, to join this month Beauty Junkee Partner Giveaway Contest, We will using Rafflecopter. Enter all the needed information and to fairly count your entries, make sure to do all the mandatory actions as well as the daily earning points. Winner will be randomly selected through Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This will run until November 30, 2019 and will select the lucky beauties. Goodluck!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Beauty Junkee Partner by Mizdee

November 03, 2019 5 Comments

This post is about the overall mechanics and help you understand on how we choose our Beauty Junkee Partner but first I have to explain why we call it Beauty Junkee Partner.

Beauty Junkee Partner started because my VIP Family is name as Mizdee's Beauty and I initially give these giveaway to them ONLY. But now, I'm planning to expand my network so I'm opening it to everyone. Now about the Junkee Partner, please don't make it sound that I'm giving junks. I'm giveaway some of the PR package and freebies that I have (both slightly use for reviews or doesn't used at all) from some of brands I work with. I'm looking for someone who can take home and use it as well. So I name this contest Beauty Junkee Partner because someone in my followers will receive a special gifts from yours truly. 


Just to some up everything, whoever top or the most active follower is most-likely the one who will win. You have of course follow me in all of my social media account, like, follow, heart, subscribe, react and leave valuable comments are some of the factors you can add points. Aside from being interactive with me, you can also join my different contest and collaboration for an additional point. Lastly, the best way to win me over is of course if you visit my blog regularly and drop some comments or chat with me.

So remember, the more you engage with me, join any giveaway I have and most importantly, you visit my blog regularly then you might win as the Beauty Junkee Partner of the Month.

Please note that you have to look for the Latest Month Post about the Beauty Junkee Partner for some updates or additional entries to win.

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November 03, 2019 7 Comments

"  A smile is the best make up any girl can wear" - Marilyn Monroe. Indeed, Though make up can make as stronger and more confident, a great smile can still beat them all. And to make you feel confident with yourself, of course you have to take good care of your teeth with proper oral hygiene.

For the past few weeks, I've used this new product of Closeup White Attraction. This gel toothpaste that said to gentle polish and remove the stain of your teeth. They have two variants : (1) Bamboo Charcoal with Coconut Extract and (2) Lemon Essence with Sea Salt.

- These combination helps your teeth become whiter and brighter. It also remove bad bacteria to have better oral and gum health. The bamboo charcoal also help with the pH balance in the mouth.

Pricing: 76 pesos for 100ml
Availability: Available in Watsons and all leading supermarkets, groceries, and drugstores nationwide. Also available in Shopee and Lazada.


I can't say more with the product packaging and design. It really classy and different with the typical "red packaging" of closeup. In terms with the overall quality and effectiveness of the product and with the value of it for money, It's around 7/10 rate. This is because it only keep my breath fresh but it doesn't work as teeth whitening. So for a 76 pesos worth of toothpaste who only gives fresh breath and as a flavored-toothpaste, it doesn't seems to be worth it.

- These combination helps your teeth become whiter and brighter. It also remove bad bacteria to have fresh breath and plaque. It also help to neutralize the pain sensitivity that your teeth have.

Pricing: 76 pesos for 100ml
Availability: Available in Watsons and all leading supermarkets, groceries, and drugstores nationwide. Also available in Shopee and Lazada.


Same goes with this variant. The packaging is unique and very classy. I like the color a lot. As for the performance of the product, in comparison with the "Natural Glow" I prefer this variant. I really felt that my teeth is clean, I got fresh breath and the taste is better. I also felt protected from germs. Though again the whitening property to it is not really showing. There's no chance at all.

These both products is something new in Closeup. Its best quality is its flavored-toothpaste that really gives you a strong fresh breath after brush. But in its whitening property, it doesn't work for me. How about you? What is you current toothpaste that you really enjoy using?

Where to get free sample for this product? Visit now and sign up for free. You'll get an instant 100 points where you can use it to add this product to your cart. 

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019


October 30, 2019 17 Comments

Here's a quick game for you! It's the Halloween Party @ Mizdee !!! Get a chance to receive a "Trick or Treat Gift by simply following our easy mechanics. I'm giving a special gift to 1 Beauty Winner who choose "Trick" and 1 Beauty Winner who choose "Treat".

Saturday, October 26, 2019


October 26, 2019 3 Comments

Welcome to our first ever tea party!

Everyone is welcome to participate as long as you will be active here in our blog. This "Tea Party" is about you and my blog games. The key is to help me drive traffic and also to commit myself into blogging.

For our first tea party, One lucky winner will receive a 50 pesos load or cash by simply joining the game.


1. Follow me here in my blog. Just look for the "Followers" Tab in my side bar and click "Follow"
2. Then Sign up to this game. (Don't worry, its free).
3. After signing up, click "PLAY" and start typing. 
  • The fastest and the more words you type will be the lucky winner.
  • The first comment with the top score will be our winner.
  • Please use the referral code/link to sign up and to be part of our game. 
  • Screenshot your score for validation.
4. Visit my page and look for the banner about "Mizdee's Tea Party" and tag your friends at the comment section there.

"Get a chance a free 50 pesos load or cash" @friend @friend @friend" #MizdeeTeaParty         

5. Make sure to keep your screenshot about your (1) Score on your first try, (2) "Followed" screenshot here in my blog.

This "Typing Game" is not sponsored but I get points from the referrals. I only receive points once you fully sign up and play the game. After I get my points, and increase the success sign up and players, of course it will benefit you. It benefits you because (1) you can convert it to cash and withdraw it once you get your $2 or higher, and (2) The prize I will give you or to the winner will also increase. So its a give and take and/or a win-win situation for the both of us. So hoping we could colab on this one. 

So goodluck everyone and let's have fun. This contest will end on October 27, 2019 5PM (Tomorrow) so come and play. Goodluck beauties! :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


October 22, 2019 6 Comments

Washing your hands is not enough. You should also use hand sanitizer to deeply cleanse your hands and quickly kill germs acquired or whatever is left to your hands. It can also lessen skin irritation and even improve your skin condition by just adding "hand sanitation" to you every after your wash.

Just recently, I found these hand sanitizers that are cruelty-free, plant-based, and safe for babies. It is the naturetonurtureph han sanitizer. I got 2 variants which is the Lemon and Lavender.

For this Lavender variant, it has the (1) Chamomile and (2) Aloe Vera which is the key ingredients for this variants. 
  • Chamomile contains essential oils and antioxidants that are benefitial as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic. It also increase skin repair and your overall skin codition.
  • Aloe Vera contains anitoxidants, enzymes, Vitamin A and C, and highly anti-inflammatory that can treat burns, acne, and dry skin. It can also help you to exfoliate and moisturized your skin.
Base from this contents, this variants can keep extra clean and free from germs as well as it also help you with your skin to exfoliate, repair damage skin cells and makes your skin moisturized. 

As for the lemon variant, it contains both the chamomile and aloevera, with lemon extract. This serves as the additional key ingredients in this variant.

Lemon also contains antioxidants and it is rich in Vitamin C which can keep skin even-toned and also help with exfoliation of dead cells in your skin.

Mixing everything, this variant will help you to revive your skin, keep it healthy and also even out your skin tone. 

Based from its Three (3) Key Ingredients, I can really say that Nature to Nurture Hand Sanitizer is definitely a Good Brand. From its formulation and how their products manufactured and claims, this products also gives you a better skin condition. 

They say that if you want to achieve a healthier skin, use baby products because they are gentle to your skin like a baby's touches. And indeed, this products help not only to get you germ-free but a also to help me improve your skin condition as well.

Where to get free sample of this? Visit now.

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Monday, October 21, 2019


October 21, 2019 20 Comments

Hi Beauties! Just for my comeback post here in my blog, I will be giving away these very elegant and beautiful jewelry set to you! One FB Beauty Follower will win the Infinity Jewelry Set and One IG Beauty Follower will win the Heart Diamond Jewelry Set. Read the full mechanics below.


  1. Like and Follow my FB Page ( and
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  4. Visit my blogs ( and and leave a comment to any of my blog posts. You do it as many as you can.
  5. Look for my post about this giveaway in my FB and IG then Like/Heart and Share/Repost the post.You can do this several times. Don't forget to tag my page/account.
  6. Tag 3 of your friends below the post (IG and FB Post). You can tag again 3 friends for additional entry. You can do it as many as you want.
This contest will run until December 13, 219 at 11:59pm and All winners will be announced on December 15, 2019. 

  •  Make sure to follow all the mechanics and please don't miss anything to avoid forfeited entries. If you won but didn't follow ALL the mechanics or miss one of it, new winner will be selected.
  • For the Winners, You have 2 days to claim your prize. If you fail to do so, your win will be forfeited and new Winner will be draw.
Thank you Beauties! Good Luck and God Bless Everyone!

Love lots,


October 21, 2019 3 Comments

I know its a late but I still want to share with you guys my September Haul and my Top Favorites in Sample Room PH. If you've been following me, Sampleroom is not new to you since I constantly do reviews and features their products in all my social media accounts. And it is my go-to-website where I get as well free sample and try new products from them.

Here's the product list I got last Semptember. I already review some of the products but I still have products to review. 

  • Creamsilk Triple Keratin Hair Rescue (Ultimate Color Rescue)
  • Creamsilk Triple Keratin Hair Rescue (Ultimate Repair and Shine)
  • Belo BB Body Cream
  • Ladouce Tampons
  • Vaseline Healthy White Fresh and Fair UV Gel Lotion
  • Crazy is Crazy Face Mask and Eye Cream
  • Nature to Nurture Hand Sanitizer (Lavender and Lemon)
  • Nature to Nurture Hand Soap
  • Nature to Nurture Toothpaste for Toddlers
  • Olay Natural White Ageless Aura
  • Silka Green Papaya Soap
  • Close Up White Attraction (Natural Smile Lemon Essence)
  • Close Up White Attraction (Natural Glow Bamboo Charcoal)
  • Safeguard Natural Detox (Tea Tree, Bamboo Charcoal, Pomegranate)

Here's what I say about the products I already review. See my rates below from each products and few message from yours truly.

Nature to Nurture Hand Soap 
 3 out of 5

What's good about Nature to Nurture products is it is plant-based and cruelty-free. They make sure that the product safe to use especially their target market are mostly for toddlers and kids. If your a Mom, these are some key factors that you will look for. And their product is approved by Pedia Doctors. 

Though for my own preference, I'm not fond with its smell. The scent is like a strong herbal odor but the smell doesn't last long. It also make my hands dry after consecutive use.

Nature to Nurture Toothpaste for Toddlers
4 out of 5

Another good product by Nature to Nurture is this training toothpaste for toddlers and I got 3 variants. Most of the Moms who tried the same products said that it is easily to use and it really cleanse their kids teeth. They enjoy using it because of its mild taste. Some has also have fruity taste that the kids enjoy.

Nature to Nurture Hand Sanitizer (Lavender and Lemon)
4 out of 5

Another product from Nature to Nurture is this hand sanitizer that I also like though my favorite variant is the lemon since it has fruity smell not like the lavender who smell like herbs. It easily dry up every after spray so sometimes I do 3 to 4 spray to cover my entire hands. It really help my hands moisturize as well.

Close Up White Attraction (Natural Glow Bamboo Charcoal)
3 out of 5

A premium quality for Close Up is white attraction. It is a bit pricy for  it size and doesn't make some magic about its whitening property. The taste is like a Macapuno flavor that really last its taste every after brush. It has mild mint as well so it keep my breath fresh. Overall I don't like it taste but still it can clean my teeth and give me fresh breath.

Creamsilk Triple Keratin Hair Rescue (Ultimate Color Rescue)
4 out of 5

This Creamsilk Hair rescue is about your hair color if you have one. It's job is to revive your hair color. Since I haven't redone my hair color, It doesn't feel that my hair color chance a bit. Though my hair look silky and smooth right after wash.

Vaseline Healthy White Fresh and Fair UV Gel Lotion
4 out 5

This new Vaseline UV Gel Lotion is indeed light weight and it is different from its usual lotion consistency. It does gives me a smoother and soft skin ever after use. But about its whitening property, its not effective as it says. So what's good about this product is its light weight and really keep my skin fresh.

Safeguard Natural Detox (Bamboo Charcoal)
3 out of 5

Safeguard usually make my skin dry so I have to put lotion after it. Same goes with this brand and out of 3 variants I got, I be able to try this bamboo charcoal which claims that will help my skin to detoxify. Though you can't really tell if my skin start to detoxify but my skin dries up a bit. My skin doesn't seems to improve a bit. 

Sampleroom concept is to let anyone try a product before buying it. And since I've been doing it for almost 2 years already, I also have my share of favorites. And for this haul I picked my top 3 from them and yes I recommend it to you as well. 

Crazy is Crazy Face Mask and Eye Cream
5 out of 5

Crazy indeed. The name suits it since it really do crazy thing about my face. It's not your typical face mask because (1) It has a "cracky" aftermath by its mask and (2) it goes with an eye cream which perfect for your skin care. I'm a person who wants a product that will give me multiple purpose at one and this product has its dual purpose already in just one pack.

Right after using the face mask I instantly gives me glow and fresh skin. Then for my eye cream, it is light weight so it easy to put it on. Definitely a must-have product. 

Olay Natural White Ageless Aura
5 out of 5

I honestly didn't expect that this product will work for me since I have combination skin and cream are doesn't suits me well so I always preferred gel based moisturizers. But this one, I enjoy using it and it really help my skin glow. I didn't make my face dry or too oily. One of my favorite that I got from them.

Creamsilk Triple Keratin Hair Rescue (Ultimate Repair and Shine)
5 out 5

Honestly, I'm not a fan of using conditioner because its sticky and heavy. It gives me headache most of the time and I really don't know why. But this Creamsilk Hair Rescue, It is light weight and it really help my hair to be smooth and shiny. 

Since I have treated hair and have went to salon for hair rescue, this conditioner did it part for me. I have dry and frizzy hair but with this, right after my wash and a few days later in just one wash, my hair become smoother and shiny.  I use it once a week to continuously repair my hair. 


Silka Green Papaya Soap
5 out of 5

I've been using this one for a year already. Though its whitening property is not very much effective or seen instantly, this soap still something I love. It did brighten my skin bit by bit (It really takes time) but It also help my skin to be smooth and well-moisturized. My skin is not dry  even if its cold season already. 

It was a luck that sampleroom featured it as well and I grab the chance to get another free soap from them even I already using it. I got the bigger size, which I don't usually buy since I just take the sachet one, that I can use for an extra days and deduct a few cash from the budget of my personal care.

And that's it. That's my September Haul for Sampleroom and some of my favorites. How about you? Have you tried Sampleroom? If yes, then what are the products you tried from them and become your favorite today? Share your thoughts with me by leaving some valuable comments below.

For those who haven't try this, just visit or check their facebook and IG @sampleroomph

Got value on this post? Then feel free to share this post and spread the love. You can also leave some comments below and share your thoughts with me. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Friday, September 6, 2019


September 06, 2019 5 Comments

This post is not intended to throw stone at someone or disgrace my profession. I just wanted to share the truth about my profession and our daily battles. First, I don't hate my job or even my profession. Second, I don't blame anyone specifically but rather the system we currently living which is so difficult to bend or go against with. But I know, We are trying. And I'm more determine to correct anyone and help them understand what we do.

Just to give you a back story, let me start first when I was a student. Even before I graduated, as early as first year, whenever I said I'm a Nutritionist-Dietitian Student, I always receive these common notation about us.
  • I bet your a great cook.
  • Your pursuing to Culinary Art right?
  • I know someone with same course to you and She currently at home taking care of pigs and earning a lot.
But things don't stop there. I heard same words when I'm already in the field and dealing with a lot of employees and/or professionals as well.
  • You Cook for the Patient right?
  • Ah.. Dietitian, who cooks meal bland.
And some still neglect our profession even in terms of diet prescription. A lot of people has a lot to say when it comes to diet plan or about nutrition in general. It's like an unending battle for our rights as a Dietitian. We compete our profession to everyone.

We really struggle a lot when it comes to our rights. That's why I honestly saying that we are underrated professionals, more specifically as a team member of  Health Practitioners. 

The problem is everywhere. People will believe first the Doctor's Advice without understand deeper the value of eating proper. What they usually advice are in general terms which is the Do's and Don'ts. Where in fact, there's more to say in that.

People will also believe to the things they see in the internet, without confirming if its true or not. They believe with products that promise them great results and giving them the end results only. They just skip everything especially the whole process, and just jump over the ends.

They idolized the Celebrities even the lifestyle are way too different from them. They still going to believe them without giving themselves a personalized advice.

I can go on with the list of things that people do to compromise nutrition. Which is too much for us to handle. So up until now, we are still trying to build our voices, our expertise and our rights in promoting the right Nutrition Care for everyone. But I really hope that the system will improve and the people will be more serious when it comes to health and nutrition.

We all have something to say, even other professionals have their own sentiments. And we also have it too. But this will not stop me and this help me realize to become more eager in fighting this battle and to advocate more about the Nutrition Care that everyone really deserve.

Got value on this post? Then feel free to share this post and spread the love. You can also leave some comments below and share your thoughts with me. I would really appreciate it.