A Registered Nutritionist Dietitian by profession, a Dietetics & Lifestyle Content Creator by passion, and a Self-Made Entrepreneur by purpose of promoting Beauty and Wellness. 


  • DIETETICS (Profession) Niche for my profession and of course about food and nutrition. We also cover Health and Fitness related posts.
  • LIFESTYLE (Passion) Niche driven by purpose not by just passion. Sharing to you my interest, hobbies and few entertainments you can related to. It also cover my Advocacy such as Self-Care, Women Empowerment and Life Goals.
  • BUSINESS (Purpose) Niche in creating purpose as a professional, an influencer and as an Entrepreneur - all at the same time as a Real Business. I'll share my business and financial goals as your "TITA MOMMY" who love doing everything.


  • NUTRITOK - Tiktok Short Vids for Q&As or some Nutrition / Health Pro Tip
  • BEAUTY & WELLNESS - IG Guide for Skin Food and Skin Nutrition. All about achieving that beauty goals with total Beauty and Wellness Inside and Out.
  • #RATEITDEE - Articles or review posts from brand partnership or personal experience posted on my webpage.
  • KWENTONG RNDEE - YT Videos about our Profession and other Video Compilation related to Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • EDEEBLES - Album on FB Page of quick and easy recipes you can try.

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