My real name is Divine G. Tria, a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian, Trained Diabetes Educator and a Certified Servsafe Food Safety Manager, here in the Philippines. Currently, I work as a Freelance Dietitian and a Blogger at Night then a Staff Dietitian in a private hospital in Manila during the day. I enjoy learning new things, so I always like to attend Seminars, Training, and other Continuous Professional Education, whenever it's a budget-friendly.

Gianan and Tria Family are from the beautiful island of Catanduanes (Bicol Region) which is known as the Happy Island now rather than The Land of the Howling Winds. I'm a proud Pinay and Bicolana, full blood.

I can sing and dance in a crowd. I also do acting whenever I'm alone. I enjoy watching movies especially horror and thrill films. I also read books and kpop series if there's a chance.

I also enjoy photography and photo editing because this is a must for a blogger. :) I love the color sky blue, bluegreen, light red (near pinkish), grey, black and hot pink in black.

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Thank you!

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