Mizdee will never stop giving you something new from this day onwards. For 2018, Mizdee had entered the business world and offered different products and services. Scroll down to get the details. Happy browsing!

I'm proud to announce the launching of my online shop for pre-loved handmade & retailed Items - Style by Mizdee last January 4, 2018

The name is after my brand name Mizdee to get easily recognize. 

Get Style and show off your True Beauty with SBM Collection. 

Click the STYLE BY MIZDEE PAGE  to get all the details.

But wait there's more...

Mizdee will also offer educational classes that empower my advocacy of putting first in line the Nutritional Status of any individual through Nutrition Education and Counseling. 

MD Exclusive is your online class to get educate about Disease-Specific Nutrition Therapy and Food Safety Handling under the MD Teach Segment by Mizdee.

Get more information about this service by clicking this link : MD EXCLUSIVE PAGE

There are more to come. For now, let us all enjoy these stuff for you.

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