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Let's talk about the person behind this blog. She's the scribbler and content editor of mizdee[dot]com and also been busy growing her life path, profession and business on the side. Let me introduce myself again.

My real name is Divine G. Tria. My friends called me Bayn (vine) and my brand name is Mizdee. Professionally speaking, I'm a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian, a Trained Diabetes Educator and a Certified Servsafe Food Safety Manager, here in the Philippines. Currently, I work as a Staff Dietitian in a private hospital in Manila and been busy working for my Continuous Professional Development life path. Since I really enjoy learning new things, I always like to attend Seminars, Training, and other professional growth education, whenever it's a budget-friendly.

I'm also a passion-driven women who wants to make a difference in this world. Yes, Its like carrying a heavy weight on your shoulder but still even in my own simple things I might give something. So, I made a decission to restart my blogging experience in a more serious way. So, Aside from my day job, I also have this blog as my escaping world and put my actions into words. I'm currently a freelance blogger for Nutrition and Lifestyle - More story later.

I'm also an Entrepreneur and I recently entered the Business World. Last January 4, 2018, I launched my first Online Shop for my pre-loved, handmade and resell items - STYLE BY MIZDEE. I also offer online educational classes - MD EXCLUSIVE and it focuses with Disease-Specific Nutrition Therapy and Food Safety Handling Classes.

I'm a proud Pinay and Bicolana, full blood. I'm not that gifted with too many talents but as I qoute it "Never settle for Less". So I try things and do things even I can failed to it terrible. For me, as long as I enjoy what I do, I can live with that. Now, I think I can sing and dance in a crowd. I also do acting whenever I'm alone.

There are so many things I like to do and make it as my hobby. I enjoy watching movies especially horror and thrilling films. I'm a certified Korean Drama Addict. I also like reading books and scribbling my own stories but it was never been published but I'm thinking of publishing it soon. I also enjoy photography and photo editing because this is a must for a blogger. :) I love the color sky bluebluegreenlight red (near pinkish), grey, black and hot pink in black.

To know more about my story or if you're interested to know my daily activities or get updated with what's the latest news about your webmistress please don't hesitate to visit me to my other social media accounts.

After meeting Ms Scribbler or the Content Writer of this blog, so let us starting decoding it. WHAT DOES THIS BLOG OFFER?

MIZDEE is the brand name created by Ms. Divine that tackles mostly about Nutrition and Lifestyle with a personal touch by yours truly.

Let me first Decode the Name. Mizdee is a misspelled word for Miss Di and Di is my first two letters of my real name. That's how I come up with the domain Mizdee. Its something personal and something close to myself.

Decoding the Backbone. I started blogging when I was in my sophomore years. It was introduce to me by my friend back then. I started writing rants - just like your old diaries. Then a famous Candymag Writer created many "love stories" that everyone get hooked and so I wished to start doing it too. Because of that Candymag, I be able to search and make connection with other bloggers. Then, with, a site for blogger templates, I have grow my network and started communicating with other bloggers to learn more about designing my web.

I can't track back the year when I stopped blogging but I made a comeback after winning my first domain - BABYPOSH.INFO with the help of Ms. AyeshaHeart I hosted my blog with wordpress. My domain expired and so I resort in having subdomains. Then I stopped again.

Decode the Revamp Journey. I've been ON and OFF with my Blog but last 2014, I start my blog again with MIZDEE. I also have few purchased domains like "" and "" after "mizdee" expired. But I like Mizdee the most and so I renew the journey with mizdee on 2017 up until now.

My Revamp Journey of Mizdee started with a fashion and beauty blog. It was the most interesting blog topics back then, even now but with more demands, so I started like that. I watch youtubers and bloggers on how they post things. Since I'm not really good at it and I don't have resources, I failed terrible to it so I rebrand it again as a personal blog. I rant with so many things and even write poems. But after I finished my profession and become more interested in blogging I come with a new idea.

Decoding the Real Story. Now, Mizdee [dot] com was renewed as a Nutrition and Lifestyle BlogNutrition is mostly like linked with my profession while Lifestyle is my variables for my passion. Nutrition topics are Dietitian Confession, Professional Discussion, Nutrition Therapy Teaching, Food Taboos and Recipes, as well as Nutrient Introduction. On the other hand, Lifestyle topics are fashion, beauty, travel, product, shop, resto, book, and movie reviews and some personal random rants.

Mizdee also accept collaboration for advertisement, partnership, sponsorship or anything in-between. Just contact me through contact form or directly email me at

For professional consultation and for registration for my online classes, email me at

For confirmed business collaboration and consultation, Both parties must first agree to the Terms and Condition with the Disclosure Policy provided by the blog owner and the blog itself. To read more about it just click this. TERMS AND CONDITIONS BY MIZDEE

Thank you for reading!
Revised Date: March 10, 2018


  1. Gusto ko rin mag blog katulad mo po ms. Mizdee kaso d ako marunong di ko alam 😂 but i salute you po you always keep on giving an giveaway despite of small followers but we always think positive ang it will come in our life what we want 😍🙏

  2. Nakaka amazed ka mam Mizdee, ang dami mong profession, but I like most is very talented ka at your young age. Gusto ko yung mga blogpost mo related sa diet foods because your a dietitian.
    Congratulations sa career mo your such a good Nutritionist and Food educator .I love reading your blogs dahil interesting and always engaged in your social media accounts.
    IG: @cordovillanavora72
    FB: Cordovilla Navora Maribel