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Tuesday, May 5, 2020


March 15, 2020, the day when my country take a break and the world come to rest and renew. This pandemic become the world's biggest enemy and everyone is fighting with blindfold. But during this time is also the beginning of a new norm for people and share their own act of kindness to those people who greatly affected.

This post is not about bragging about what I did, but to feel proud of myself and to somehow inspire others. That no matter who you are or in what "class" you are in this society, you always do something to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

April becomes my busiest month of the year because this is my first time to be involve in big projects, and to be part of especially in the world of Social Influencers / Bloggers of these Lovely Moms Online.

Forty-Eight (48) Amazing Moms were collaborated to have an extraordinary giveaway entitled "Paandar for a Cause" our simple way of helping other Moms during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. This said giveaway run for the whole month of April with weekly winners who received 250 pesos cash prize each. 

We be able to help Ninety-Eight (98) Moms Winners with Ten (10) Consolation Winners.
  • Week 1 (7 FB and 7 IG Winners)
  • Week 2 (8 FB and 8 IG Winners)
  • Week 3 (12 FB and 14 IG Winners)
  • Week 4 (18 FB and 24 IG Winners)
  • 10 Consolation Prizes (5 FB and 5 IG Winners)

Above are some of our the Winners post on how they used their prizes. Seeing those post and heart-felt message is enough for me to be proud. Indeed "Small Amount can go a Long Way"  and any small act of kindness can repay you big time.

Despite my busy schedule of being a frontliner as well, this project I've joined is worth my time and become my greatest treasure - A treasure that is not about the gold price but the real gold from the joy of the person you helped.

I personally thank Ms Lhyzie Bongon who gave me this opportunity to be part of their giveaway. She also lead this #paandarforacause with Ms Aci of Aci Girl another amazing mommy. You inspired me with your photo editing skill. Cheers to all Amazing Moms! Till Next Paandar :)

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