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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Getting Ready to a Brighter White Glow with Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Collection

 Cathy Doll has been innovating and perform beauty upgrade for since 2011 through their products that perfectly compliments Asian Skin that even Pinay Beauty Enthusiasts start loving their (1) Cute Dolls Characters (2) and for its quick effective results.

For today, We will be sharing my thoughts about my latest sample I got from Sample Room PH, the Cathy Doll Ready 2 White (1) Foam Cleanser (2) White Boosting Cream and (3) Whitener Body Lotion.

Let me start off on our face care which are the Ready to White Foam Cleanser and White Boosting Cream.


This Cathy Doll ready 2 White Lightening Facial Cream deeply cleanse your face. It said to have 5 step cleaning which deeply remove your (1) make ups, (2) impurities, (3) pollutants, (4) oily residues, (5) and lastly it protects your skin for dust.

This Facial Foam Cleanser is very foamy even you just had a pinch of it. It naturally brighten my complexion and reduce the dullness of my face. What I really love about the product is that it also have anti-pollution ingredients which makes me feel at ease that my skin is protected even I travel from home to work and back.


Cathy Doll Ready 2 White White Boosting Cream penetrates and delivers nutrients across multiple layers of skin with Nano Triple Encapsulation technology which embeds triple layers of glutathione, arbutin and snail secretion filtrate that improves skin elasticity, smoothens skin, and tighten pores through deep nourishment. It also combines various properties of Korean Herbs to nourish skin for a brightened look. The cream also guarantees a brightening and whitening experience from the first use

After washing my face with the Foam Cleanser, I also got a good amount of Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Boosting Cream which gives me an instant white effect which radiates a brighter and lighter look for my skin. It definitely gives me a fresh look.

White Boosting Cream is also light weight and non-sticky which is perfect for my oily -combine face. It is indeed reduce the oily residues I usually have in my face after a long day. But with this cream I still looks perfectly fine after work. 


Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Whitener Body Lotion contains intense Glutathione and Arbutin for a sparkling aura appearance. The product has an intensive Milk Nano Protein that provides a deep-moisturizing effect for a youthful appearance through a lightweight and non-greasy texture.

Looking for an Instant White from your lotion? Why not try this Cathy Doll Whitener Body Lotion! I recently got this brand and indeed! It gives me glow and instant bright skin. 

It easy dry to your skin so you have to apply and spread it fast. It is also non-sticky and lightweight which  why I love it. It smells a real flower and not to strong. Indeed, it gives me instant result and last long to my skin even after few hours later. 


Lightening Facial Foam is definitely a must-have product for me especially if you travel a lot. The size of the sample is worthy already which is perfect if I go travel. What makes it unique today is its anti-pollution effect which is indeed very essential for today life. Its 4 out of 5 rating  for me.
 Whitening Boosting Cream is also a good deal product of Cathy Doll because it helps me to look fresh and brighter. It also last a few hours which is a good thing for those with oily - combined skin type. It really help me reduce the oiliness to my face and instead it gives me a great glow. Its 4 out of 5 rating as well for this product.
White Body Lotion is perfect if you have better skin color already. Though it gives me a lighter color, an instant white glow, It's a bit patchy for me or it doesn't even out properly. I don't know if I misuse it or I just need more product to apply. I'm not a fan for quick dry lotion because I feel that it doesn't gives me time to at least spread and massage the product to my body. Its 3 out of 5 rating  for me in this product.

At the end of the day, What works for me may or may not works for you because of our uniqueness and differences in terms of skin adaptation. So, for these collection I can recommend the greatness of their face set from facial foam to its cream, because I instantly get the glow I always fall in love with.

How about you guys? Share your latest Skin Care that you've been using since day one of your discovery about the product? Share your thoughts now!

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