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Saturday, October 26, 2019


Welcome to our first ever tea party!

Everyone is welcome to participate as long as you will be active here in our blog. This "Tea Party" is about you and my blog games. The key is to help me drive traffic and also to commit myself into blogging.

For our first tea party, One lucky winner will receive a 50 pesos load or cash by simply joining the game.


1. Follow me here in my blog. Just look for the "Followers" Tab in my side bar and click "Follow"
2. Then Sign up to this game. (Don't worry, its free).
3. After signing up, click "PLAY" and start typing. 
  • The fastest and the more words you type will be the lucky winner.
  • The first comment with the top score will be our winner.
  • Please use the referral code/link to sign up and to be part of our game. 
  • Screenshot your score for validation.
4. Visit my page and look for the banner about "Mizdee's Tea Party" and tag your friends at the comment section there.

"Get a chance a free 50 pesos load or cash" @friend @friend @friend" #MizdeeTeaParty         

5. Make sure to keep your screenshot about your (1) Score on your first try, (2) "Followed" screenshot here in my blog.

This "Typing Game" is not sponsored but I get points from the referrals. I only receive points once you fully sign up and play the game. After I get my points, and increase the success sign up and players, of course it will benefit you. It benefits you because (1) you can convert it to cash and withdraw it once you get your $2 or higher, and (2) The prize I will give you or to the winner will also increase. So its a give and take and/or a win-win situation for the both of us. So hoping we could colab on this one. 

So goodluck everyone and let's have fun. This contest will end on October 27, 2019 5PM (Tomorrow) so come and play. Goodluck beauties! :)