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Monday, October 21, 2019


I know its a late but I still want to share with you guys my September Haul and my Top Favorites in Sample Room PH. If you've been following me, Sampleroom is not new to you since I constantly do reviews and features their products in all my social media accounts. And it is my go-to-website where I get as well free sample and try new products from them.

Here's the product list I got last Semptember. I already review some of the products but I still have products to review. 

  • Creamsilk Triple Keratin Hair Rescue (Ultimate Color Rescue)
  • Creamsilk Triple Keratin Hair Rescue (Ultimate Repair and Shine)
  • Belo BB Body Cream
  • Ladouce Tampons
  • Vaseline Healthy White Fresh and Fair UV Gel Lotion
  • Crazy is Crazy Face Mask and Eye Cream
  • Nature to Nurture Hand Sanitizer (Lavender and Lemon)
  • Nature to Nurture Hand Soap
  • Nature to Nurture Toothpaste for Toddlers
  • Olay Natural White Ageless Aura
  • Silka Green Papaya Soap
  • Close Up White Attraction (Natural Smile Lemon Essence)
  • Close Up White Attraction (Natural Glow Bamboo Charcoal)
  • Safeguard Natural Detox (Tea Tree, Bamboo Charcoal, Pomegranate)

Here's what I say about the products I already review. See my rates below from each products and few message from yours truly.

Nature to Nurture Hand Soap 
 3 out of 5

What's good about Nature to Nurture products is it is plant-based and cruelty-free. They make sure that the product safe to use especially their target market are mostly for toddlers and kids. If your a Mom, these are some key factors that you will look for. And their product is approved by Pedia Doctors. 

Though for my own preference, I'm not fond with its smell. The scent is like a strong herbal odor but the smell doesn't last long. It also make my hands dry after consecutive use.

Nature to Nurture Toothpaste for Toddlers
4 out of 5

Another good product by Nature to Nurture is this training toothpaste for toddlers and I got 3 variants. Most of the Moms who tried the same products said that it is easily to use and it really cleanse their kids teeth. They enjoy using it because of its mild taste. Some has also have fruity taste that the kids enjoy.

Nature to Nurture Hand Sanitizer (Lavender and Lemon)
4 out of 5

Another product from Nature to Nurture is this hand sanitizer that I also like though my favorite variant is the lemon since it has fruity smell not like the lavender who smell like herbs. It easily dry up every after spray so sometimes I do 3 to 4 spray to cover my entire hands. It really help my hands moisturize as well.

Close Up White Attraction (Natural Glow Bamboo Charcoal)
3 out of 5

A premium quality for Close Up is white attraction. It is a bit pricy for  it size and doesn't make some magic about its whitening property. The taste is like a Macapuno flavor that really last its taste every after brush. It has mild mint as well so it keep my breath fresh. Overall I don't like it taste but still it can clean my teeth and give me fresh breath.

Creamsilk Triple Keratin Hair Rescue (Ultimate Color Rescue)
4 out of 5

This Creamsilk Hair rescue is about your hair color if you have one. It's job is to revive your hair color. Since I haven't redone my hair color, It doesn't feel that my hair color chance a bit. Though my hair look silky and smooth right after wash.

Vaseline Healthy White Fresh and Fair UV Gel Lotion
4 out 5

This new Vaseline UV Gel Lotion is indeed light weight and it is different from its usual lotion consistency. It does gives me a smoother and soft skin ever after use. But about its whitening property, its not effective as it says. So what's good about this product is its light weight and really keep my skin fresh.

Safeguard Natural Detox (Bamboo Charcoal)
3 out of 5

Safeguard usually make my skin dry so I have to put lotion after it. Same goes with this brand and out of 3 variants I got, I be able to try this bamboo charcoal which claims that will help my skin to detoxify. Though you can't really tell if my skin start to detoxify but my skin dries up a bit. My skin doesn't seems to improve a bit. 

Sampleroom concept is to let anyone try a product before buying it. And since I've been doing it for almost 2 years already, I also have my share of favorites. And for this haul I picked my top 3 from them and yes I recommend it to you as well. 

Crazy is Crazy Face Mask and Eye Cream
5 out of 5

Crazy indeed. The name suits it since it really do crazy thing about my face. It's not your typical face mask because (1) It has a "cracky" aftermath by its mask and (2) it goes with an eye cream which perfect for your skin care. I'm a person who wants a product that will give me multiple purpose at one and this product has its dual purpose already in just one pack.

Right after using the face mask I instantly gives me glow and fresh skin. Then for my eye cream, it is light weight so it easy to put it on. Definitely a must-have product. 

Olay Natural White Ageless Aura
5 out of 5

I honestly didn't expect that this product will work for me since I have combination skin and cream are doesn't suits me well so I always preferred gel based moisturizers. But this one, I enjoy using it and it really help my skin glow. I didn't make my face dry or too oily. One of my favorite that I got from them.

Creamsilk Triple Keratin Hair Rescue (Ultimate Repair and Shine)
5 out 5

Honestly, I'm not a fan of using conditioner because its sticky and heavy. It gives me headache most of the time and I really don't know why. But this Creamsilk Hair Rescue, It is light weight and it really help my hair to be smooth and shiny. 

Since I have treated hair and have went to salon for hair rescue, this conditioner did it part for me. I have dry and frizzy hair but with this, right after my wash and a few days later in just one wash, my hair become smoother and shiny.  I use it once a week to continuously repair my hair. 


Silka Green Papaya Soap
5 out of 5

I've been using this one for a year already. Though its whitening property is not very much effective or seen instantly, this soap still something I love. It did brighten my skin bit by bit (It really takes time) but It also help my skin to be smooth and well-moisturized. My skin is not dry  even if its cold season already. 

It was a luck that sampleroom featured it as well and I grab the chance to get another free soap from them even I already using it. I got the bigger size, which I don't usually buy since I just take the sachet one, that I can use for an extra days and deduct a few cash from the budget of my personal care.

And that's it. That's my September Haul for Sampleroom and some of my favorites. How about you? Have you tried Sampleroom? If yes, then what are the products you tried from them and become your favorite today? Share your thoughts with me by leaving some valuable comments below.

For those who haven't try this, just visit or check their facebook and IG @sampleroomph

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  1. Signed up already at sampleroomph. Ive been using olay and creamsilk too 😍😍

  2. magagandang brands! sulit tlg sila gamitin!

  3. I Love Vaseline and Cream Silk! Trusted brand po Mizdee at matagal ko na ginagamit.