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Monday, September 2, 2019


I personally enjoy watching korean drama series especially during my leisure time. But my most favorite category is Medical Genre. I found it amazing for actors to actually do medical duties and I somehow can relate to it. Though I'm not a Doctor, I'm still part of the Health Professional Team - Dietitian.

Today, I'll be sharing to you my Top 3 Medical KDrama Series that I watch and will put few words why I pick them. 


SYNOPSIS: 1994, Seoul. The political relations between South Korea and North Korea are so tensed that many fear an inevitable war. Park Hoon and his father Park Cheol, a doctor, are tricked and sent to North Korea to perform an operation on its leader, in order to stop war from happening. Park Hoon is held captive in North Korea as a prisoner. He is trained by his father to become a thoracic surgeon. He flees to South Korea and works as a doctor in one of the country's top hospitals - Myungwoo University Hospital. He struggles with his renewed freedom back home and finds himself increasingly estranged from his own home. - by

MEDICAL EXPERTISE: Thoracic Surgeon - Doctors for surgical treatment of organs inside the thorax (the chest)—generally treatment of conditions of the heart (heart disease) and lungs (lung disease).


One: It passed my expectation and the plot and characters are on point. Sometimes, getting free from your past is very hard especially when the world is against it. It hunts you down even you try to move forward. When he be able to escape on North Korea imprisonment, He still a stranger in his own birth country - South Korea. His Freedom means being isolated, disguised and doubted professionally and until the end, He still have to fight for his TRUE FREEDOM.

Two: I also like the lead actor's character, Park Hoon, who become a very talented Thoracic Surgeon that have a magic hands and eyes. He can assess the patient's body by simply analyzing it deeper and visualize the parts to determine the final diagnosis. He was trained by his father, while offering some free medical services with limited supplies and equipment during their imprisonment in North Korea.

Three: I also like a well detailed scene during operation. I was always curious on what Doctors do during Operation and this Drama let me see and image how it works though I know it's not real. 


SYNOPSIS: Cha Yo Han is a talented anesthesiologist who happens to be the youngest teacher at medical school. He is often called “Ten Seconds” because he can discover one’s disease very quickly. Meanwhile, Kang Shi Young is a doctor who also works in the Department of Anesthesia. She was a top student at medical school which is often credited to her mother who is also a doctor. - by

MEDICAL EXPERTISE: Anesthesiologist - Medical Doctors who specialize in anesthesia, pain management and critical care medicine.


One: It gives me new perspective for Anesthesiologist. I never thought that it has great job and duty as a doctor. It was a different perspective in Medical Genre drama which mostly about Surgeon Character. This time, they highlight the role of Anesthesiologist during operation as well as its job to relieve the pain of a patient.

Two: Cha You Han character, also amazed me with his 'Ten Seconds" diagnosis for patient's pain. Another talented character that will really hooked you up. But here's something unique about his character. He can't feel PAIN but a great doctor who treats pain.

Three: Life lesson about choosing between Life and Death. Some people choose to live even there were in the edge of dying. As Doctor Cha said, "Even someone wishes to die, all living beings have an instinct to stay alive". Though yes, we can't predict or even avoid death, but we will always choose to live until our last breath. But of course, there are some people who choose death and it is beyond the hand of a doctor, if that person lost its hope to live and choose death instead.


SYNOPSIS: In modern society, there are people who are neglected and suffering. They are often involved in unfortunate events, such as industrial accidents, and end up dying. Most of the disasters could be prevented in advance with little attention. However, some companies or public organizations tend not to prepare for potential accidents because of the high cost. That’s how industrial accidents take place. Doctor Detective is a drama where medical doctors treat the patients suffering from industrial accidents and look into the truth behind the accidents. The story of the drama starts when Joong Eun, who is an enormously talented medical doctor, gets to join an undiagnosed disease center(UDC) in the middle of experiencing difficulties in her personal life. And she starts to look into her patients' diseases caused by industrial accidents and work on revealing the truth concealed by those with power. - by

MEDICAL EXPERTISE: Occupational Health Doctors - Medical Doctors who specialize in  managing work-related condition to treat work-related illness or diseases, determine and examine general health and safety issue in workplace.


One: Occupational Medicine is one I can relate much since I previously attended one of its training in our hospital though the stories focuses to Industrial Incidents. But also have scene that show some incidents take place in the hospital - Environmental Factor due to the usage of Air Freshener that are not safe. Occupational Health and Safety are usually neglected by companies not unless there's an incident take place. Even those who needed the job will turn blind and force to work because they needed work to earn and to pay for they bills or even to survive.

Two: Joong Eun unique character as a doctor detective who reveal truth about work-related incidents that was concealed by those who have powers. The way she investigate is through empathy. Thinking like the Suspect. She visualize an re-enactment the possibilities of what have happened and discover the cause of incident.

Three: Incidents featured are based from true stories. Every after cased solved, they have will show a true story where they based the incident. That makes it my top choice because it will surely spread awareness both to the Employers and Employees about this incidents and their rights of fighting for the truth. 

So that's my top 3 pick for medical kdrama series I've watched though some are still airing on viu which is my go-to website for series and movie watch. How about you? Have you even watch a medical kdrama series? What is your favorite? Share it with me. 

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  1. I love these medical Kdrama series too! Though it's really hard for me to rank them. If it will be Top 5, maybe I'll add Faith and Good Doctor. :-)

  2. Me I love all Kdrama Series 😍😍😍.
    Masaya sila panuorin.

  3. Hala ang dami kong namis na Korean Drama... Sana po mapanood ko soon!

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