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Tuesday, September 3, 2019


"Don't eat that you'll gain weight"... "Control your food"... "It's too fatty"... "Eating Rice will make you fat"... Whenever I heard those remarks, my eyebrow will surely raised. 

People defined "Diet" as eating less, just eat leaves, take water therapy and/or a lot self-defined rules. But the true meaning of Diet is eating what is needed by your body to help it work properly. By simple saying that, it means, you can eat anything that you want with proper balance. 

When I say you can eat anything, I literally say that you can eat high caloric foods, desserts and sweets but in moderation, with proper portioning and balance it with healthy foods. 

If most of the time, you eat fruits and vegetables, with right amount of carbohydrates and protein, you can always save a portion of sweets to your meal. You don't have to be obsess with just eating what they told you is "healthy". Because honestly speaking, each food has its own nutrients composition that your body needs. Its just a matter of "HOW MUCH". 

So before you believe to those "DON'T EAT THAT" remarks from your friends and/or family, think of your eating pattern first. Do you taking it too much or you just eating it just right?

And also, before you go to a strict diet, make sure to consult a health profession - a Dietitian to be more specific because we have to understand first you body. If you are diagnosed with some health problems, you have to consult your physician as well because we are not here by chance or for your entertainment, We are here to give you the TRUTH and BEST WAY to KEEP you HEALTHY.

Mizdee Rx Note: Eating anything you want is okay as long as you taking it with balance. 

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  1. So true this. Dahil nasa sarili pa rin kung paano ihandle ang pagiging healthy. Thanks for this article. 😊

  2. True PO .. NASA sa atin pano Tayo maging healthy at Ang ating life style .. this is so nice article PO ..

  3. It's really sad when a person is not allowed to eat whatever he wants. I really don't like prohibiting my loved ones to eat the foods they want. Thanks for sharing this! I'll just ask them to always eat in moderation.

  4. very true article ... thanks for sharing this 🙂

  5. Tama po Mizdee! Eat healthy in moderation... Bakit nga pobkase ang hirpa magdiet, 😂 Siguro nga po dicipline talaga pwede kumain pero konti lang more fruits and veges tapos fluids samahan na din ng konting exercise. THANKS for the info Mizdee!

  6. Yes po very true.Pede naman na hindi magdiet basta ang kina kain natin Ay healthy food ,,kasi ang iba food is life pero di iniisip ang magiging epekto sa katawan natin.Kagaya ko hindi po ako diet pero unti unting nababawasan ang timbang ko .ang gawa ko po kasi San umaga iinom ako ng maligamgam na Tubig tapos after 45 minutes pa ako magBbreakfast..

  7. I agree with this,kailangan mayroong disiplina pagdating sa pagkain.Eat healthy foods must.

  8. Importante padin talaga na merong disiplina sa pagkain