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Thursday, September 12, 2019


This is just a random post that will highlight anything or everything about my blog. I honestly revamping the whole concept of this blog and I keep on changing from one and another. It was first a beauty and fashion blog, then as a personal blog and now turn to a more professional blog which mostly related to my profession and passion. Here you will found about Nutrition and Lifestyle.

I decided to go with Mizdee Rx which make it a personalized one. It's like having my own way of prescribing you about Nutrition, Food, Beauty and anything under the sun. 

We have different categories available here and to understand it more I will explain the concept about that:

MY DIET PILL - It's like my daily dose of thoughts I want to express. My version of diet pills that shares about good vibes, motivational or inspirational things we all what to know and read about.

DIETITIAN'S CONFESSION - My own drama as a Dietitian. These are series of drama I usually encounter as a Dietitian

DECODING NUTRITION -  Here I will try to decode any scientific terms and technical terms about nutrition to a much understandable or in layman's terms.

FOOD WONDER - This is where I will share information about your favorite food item or menu. I will share about its nutrition facts and gives smart advice.

I highlighted these topic since it may lead into some confusion to others or some of you may wonder what it is all about. These are just few things you can read about here. I also includes some personal touches so you can relate as well to my stories. I love reading your thoughts as well so keep in sharing it with me. thank you for stopping by here today.

Got value on this post? Then feel free to share this post and spread the love. You can also leave some comments below and share your thoughts with me. I would really appreciate it. 

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