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Friday, September 6, 2019


This post is not intended to throw stone at someone or disgrace my profession. I just wanted to share the truth about my profession and our daily battles. First, I don't hate my job or even my profession. Second, I don't blame anyone specifically but rather the system we currently living which is so difficult to bend or go against with. But I know, We are trying. And I'm more determine to correct anyone and help them understand what we do.

Just to give you a back story, let me start first when I was a student. Even before I graduated, as early as first year, whenever I said I'm a Nutritionist-Dietitian Student, I always receive these common notation about us.
  • I bet your a great cook.
  • Your pursuing to Culinary Art right?
  • I know someone with same course to you and She currently at home taking care of pigs and earning a lot.
But things don't stop there. I heard same words when I'm already in the field and dealing with a lot of employees and/or professionals as well.
  • You Cook for the Patient right?
  • Ah.. Dietitian, who cooks meal bland.
And some still neglect our profession even in terms of diet prescription. A lot of people has a lot to say when it comes to diet plan or about nutrition in general. It's like an unending battle for our rights as a Dietitian. We compete our profession to everyone.

We really struggle a lot when it comes to our rights. That's why I honestly saying that we are underrated professionals, more specifically as a team member of  Health Practitioners. 

The problem is everywhere. People will believe first the Doctor's Advice without understand deeper the value of eating proper. What they usually advice are in general terms which is the Do's and Don'ts. Where in fact, there's more to say in that.

People will also believe to the things they see in the internet, without confirming if its true or not. They believe with products that promise them great results and giving them the end results only. They just skip everything especially the whole process, and just jump over the ends.

They idolized the Celebrities even the lifestyle are way too different from them. They still going to believe them without giving themselves a personalized advice.

I can go on with the list of things that people do to compromise nutrition. Which is too much for us to handle. So up until now, we are still trying to build our voices, our expertise and our rights in promoting the right Nutrition Care for everyone. But I really hope that the system will improve and the people will be more serious when it comes to health and nutrition.

We all have something to say, even other professionals have their own sentiments. And we also have it too. But this will not stop me and this help me realize to become more eager in fighting this battle and to advocate more about the Nutrition Care that everyone really deserve.

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  1. It's sad that there are people belittling dietitians. If I can have more than one profession, I will also choose to be a dietitian. Now that my father is sick, I realize how essential proper nutrition is. I want my loved ones to always stay healthy, and so I have a huge respect for dietitians. In our country where it's hard to get sick, your expertise is what we really need. Thank you for the advice and tips that you freely give in your blog posts! I think you're doing great.

  2. Thanks for this... I learned a lot.. Very important po talaga ang proper nutrition.. Lalo nagkakaedad na tayo.. Dapat maging health conscious tayo.. Kasi mahirap magkasakit..

  3. Thanks for sharing Mizdee! Before po hindi ako conscious sa kinakain ko, pero ngayon nag-iingat na ako. Mahirap ng magkasakit, mas pinipili ko n ngayon ang healthy at nutrious food... Sabi po nila gawin nating lifestyle! Live healthy for a better life.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful information

  5. Iba-iba talaga ang mga ugali ng tao at ang mga pananaw,yaan mo na Mizdee ang importante po e,Masaya kayo sa Profession mo at nag eenjoy💖💖
    Fb;Noime Ortagoza