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Thursday, August 8, 2019


HAPPY 1K plus Likes for us Beauties!

Since we finally reach our first 1K I wanted to thanks everyone who still here with me though I've been on and off lately. Anyways, I'm gonna try to be more active again and find ways to update my blog soon. 😘

For now let's celebrate our first 1k again by giving another giveaway. 💕

1. Like this page Mizdee Rx

2. Share this post with the caption:
"Happy 1k Mizdee! #Mizdee1KGiveaway" Make sure to tag me with this post.

3. Tag 3 friends of yours at the comment section below.

4. Visit my blog, and leave some comments to my posts.

5. Repeat the process until the announcement date.

Unlimited Entry. More Entry More chance of winning.😘

❤️ 1XL Off Shoulder Blouse (Crepe Fabric)
❤️1 Large Denim Long Sleeve Polo
❤️ 1 Belo Sun Expert Hair and Scalp Shield Spray
❤️ 1 Belo Baby Cologne Sweet Snuggle
❤️ 3 pieces Contractubex Overnight Intensivr Patch
❤️1 Contractubex 20g Gel
❤️1 Contractubex 10g Gel

Goodluck Everyone!


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