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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Whether I'm a Client or a Health Professional, we both know and heard about this before. We both love science because its speaks for truth because science typically made out from researches to be evidences or theories that proves its point and effectiveness. But does it really works?

Yes, but we have to consider other things. This Science Evidence Based are just one tool of our tool box in providing a correlation for our final diagnosis. We can use it as basis or as our reference to narrow down the true diagnosis. But we still have to be precise about it and shouldn't just think theoretically. This means, and we always emphasized it that We make it more personalized and everyone is not the same. We may have common factors but the diagnosis will always about how you tell us about yourself, based from your laboratory examination and other clinical observation.

Science Based Nutrition help us support the diagnosis and also help us build a partial plan for your dietary management. But of course, the last step will always about personal preferences, body responses and clinical observation based from YOU.


Nowadays, everyone relay on internet with their health and undeniably, even professional posted their researches abstract, their theoretical prescription and other generalized information that may or may not truly effective to you. Yes, you can read it too and it might work BUT we might miss something about your health because you didn't undergo a proper observation. 

What you have read from blogs or e-magazines will always have disclaimers that emphasized the needs for professional consultation for other health concerns and for better health management. So before you try to do about your health, please always ask for assistance, please ask for another opinion and let it be a Health Professional.

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  1. Yes ate need pa rin assistance sa mga professional para atleast my gabay pa din! 😊