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Sunday, March 10, 2019


Hi Beauties we are on our 2nd week. Anways, the winner from the first week will be announced after 2 days. For now, let's focus on our 2nd week. Are you ready for your task? Let's get started!

We all have down times and we face too many problem in life but we keep moving forward and we manage to keep ourselves happy despite everything. So for this week, I would love everyone to share their favorite quotes to keep you motivated. It may be your motto in life or something inspirational. 

Mine is if you're aiming for success, stop focusing on what other people are doing. stay focused on your own goals."

We tend to focus in others success which make us forget our own achievements. Just like any other thing, Your problem make seems too easy for me but for you it is too hard and heartbreaking. This is same thing about success. Your achievements that you didn't appreciate much may be someone's biggest dreams. So learn to focus more with your life, because your life today, is already a successful one you just have to learn to appreciate little things as well. Now it is your turn to share with me your motivational quote.


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  1. Joined - Week 2
    Here's the link of my public post:

    Fb: Anafe Bantugan Compoc
    Ig & Twitter: @iam_anafe08

  2. Don't Allow Someone to make you feel like You're Not "GOOD ENOUGH".
    Pakita mo sa kanila na kaya mo at karapat dapat ka!
    Juliet Galang/ @jiet730/ @MielNea / MDAC00045


    Pinili ko ang quotes to motivate myself everysingle day of my Life dahil masarap maging positibo sa lahat ng bagay. Maging maganda o may mapapait man dumadaan sa buhay pero kailangan parin magiging matatag at idaan sa pagiging masaya!! Ika nga -HAPPY MIND HAPPY LIFE- 👍😊 #MizdeeBirthdayBlast

    FB: jessica bathan
    IG: jeckabathan
    Twitter acct: jessica24

  4. Totoo yan Mizdee, we tend to focus to someone's achievement not realising that there are some who wish to be in our shoe.😢

    “Style Is Knowing Who You Are, What You Want To Say, And Not Giving A Damn.”

    Because we have diff opinions, we don't have to live within everybody's approval. We can't change the way we are because people might be against you. In my 30 yrs of existence, ive been in diff drama and am tired of considering what others has to say which compromise my own happiness .❤️ FB: Love Fullido Compoc Ig: iamlove_iloveyou Twitter : compoc_love

  5. Sana manalo
    IG: @genevataroy
    TW: taroygeneva

  6. It is in giving that you receive. this is the quote my father always told me and true to it....what goes around comes around! This really happens.

  7. Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not.
    Wear it like an armor and it can never be used to hurt you.

    I love game of thrones and this one is from Tyrion.
    It means to me that, you should never forget your past, whatever it is or however dark or bad maybe. Because it builds what you are right now, once you accepted it.
    Throwing that rock won't hurt, coz you're wearing it.