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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Introducing a New Wave of Learning

I've always wanted to come up a topic that will cover both of my passion and my profession. I also thought about it a couple of times already but I didn't find a right word to use. 

But finally, I got it. I got the word. "Nutri Beauty PH" which stands for Nutrition Beauty Philippines. Beauty through Nutrition.

 I am not a professional Beauty Blogger but I believe that if you are passionate about it, you will try to understand, learn and be the best out of it. So I think a got potential in this side. 

Now, professionally speaking, I spend four years, studying our Body Anatomy, the Nutritional Care Process that is good for our body function, and to deeply understand the macro and micro nutrients we have within and with our daily intakes.

This is not new in our field but of course, we seldom talk about it. We always go for fitness and health which is a good thing, but in this side of the broad spectrum of Fitness, Health and Nutrition, we have few articles that focus mainly with keeping beautiful through optimal nutrition.

With this new idea in mind, I proud to announce this new wave of learning about Nutrition and Beauty, which I'm always love to talk about here in my blog. I know that we will both learn from this since I promise you to give you valuable information that will help you a lot and of course, to help me us well with my own struggles.

Let us both grow and discover the beauty through nutrition. See you at my next post and we will start doing new way of product review and understanding more deeply the benefits and importance of good nutrition in our body.

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  1. True Passionang need para matutunan ang mga bagay bagay Godbless po sayu Mizdee 😍 continue to be Beauty with Nutrition

  2. Wow beauty with nutrition .. Thanks for sharing po mizdee .. A lot of information here ..

  3. At laking bagay po ng blog na to sa katulad kong na nakakakuha po ng kaalaman!! 😊

  4. Thank you for your vlogs marami akung nalalaman about beauty with nutrition thanks ms. Mizdee