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Thursday, February 7, 2019


Diabetes prevalence in the Philippines is about 6.2% or 3.7 million of the population have diagnosed with Diabetes. According to International Diabetes Federation, there will be a potential increase of 183 million by 2045 in the WP Region and that includes the Philippines.

Since 2013, Diabetes have ranked 6 for the cause of death of many Filipinos and since then, no data have recorded yet but the prevalence are increasing rapidly. Together with the Department of Health and other private sector, the Diabetes Community have already set goal to fight against Diabetes.

I would also like to share my expertise in the field of nutrition on how you can manage diabetes. We have the so-called Alphabet of Diabetes which will discuss the top priority for person with diabetes in which they should closely monitored.



Get advice from the health professional who would know best about your condition. Never do self-medication or relay on articles at the internet because anything you found in the internet are usually generalized not personalized and based only to theories. Though it has research-based studies, it still be best for you to relate it to your condition and not purely by making assumption about your condition.

Stay healthy by avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy and unplanned diet, unmonitored laboratory testing and negligence of signs and symptoms.


Blood Pressure must be closely monitored to avoid further chronic disease that may take place to the patient diagnosed with Diabetes. Since it is a progressive disease, it can lead to a more severe cases which we do not like to happen. Monitoring your blood pressure will avoid you from any cardiovascular disease and hypertension.


Another thing you need to monitor is your cholesterol level. Your bad cholesterol will also lead to Cardiovascular Disease and Blood Clotting due to increase level of bad fats in your blood stream. When Bad Fat is higher you are very high risk in acquiring chronic disease which may not be good to your condition. Lessen the bad fat and increase the good fat will keep you in good health.


The most important thing to the person with Diabetes and keeping her/his blood sugar level journal updated and well monitored. We don't want you to get to the point of very low or very high blood sugar level because of possible side effects and worst case is the sudden death. Never forget to prick and check your blood sugar level, before and after meal. Record everything so when you visit your doctor, she/he will know if they need to change your dose of medicine or refer you to your Dietitian and make your personalized meal plan.


One of the acute complication if your Diabetes is not properly manage is your Eyes Malfunction (Retinopathy) where your veins in the eyes are slowly damage which will result to blindness. So one way to avoid it is to always go to your Eyes Doctor (Opthalmologist) and do examination. Always take good care of your eyes and manage your blood sugar level always.


Unhealed wounds are commonly happened to Diabetes so we should always be careful with our skin especially with our feet. Keeping your feet in good care, cleaned and protected will avoid you from getting wounds. Also, If you don't manage your blood sugar, all your nerves are being damage and may result to lose the feeling of touch or lose your sensation. If you started to go numb into your lower extremities (from waist to feet) there is the high risk of getting wounds unknowingly and wounds even it is a small one will not heal unless you immediately take your first aid. 


Medication is also needed in managing your Diabetes. We also need to consider the Food and Drug Interaction to know what should be eaten. You must also monitor the time you must eat and the time you must take your medicine. Timing is one of the most important thing with Diabetes. You have to take your meds on time and eat on time.

To sum up everything, the Alphabet of Diabetes will help you remember on how you should manage your condition. You need to take advices from your health professional team, monitor everything from your blood pressure, cholesterol level and of course your blood sugar level, always take care of your whole body especially your eyes and feet and always take your medicine on time.

There's no going back if you will be diagnosed with Diabetes but you can always control and hinder its progression. As long as you keep yourself discipline and well-monitored, you can always go with a normal life. But once you have it, you must start changing your lifestyle to survive this battle.

photos courtesy to WidgitHealth

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