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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Road to Healthy Moisturized Skin by Derma C

What keeps your skin healthy is through the food you eat as well as the product you use to take care of your skin. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables will keep your skin glow especially if you take a lot of Vitamin A, E and C combined.

But since skin care have gone through innovation and practically added Vitamins to your favorite skin care, we can definitely say that having that healthy glow is now easy just like a snap. Korean Skin Care have also been famous among Asian Countries because no doubt, their skin routine does gives us glow and shiny.

Now, what will you say if I tell you that your favorite vitamin C brand had step over to gives us a new line of skin care product to help us achieve that healthy glow? Is it amazing?

I'm proud to introduce to you the Derma C by Poten Cee skin care product. They have the Derma C soap and the Derma C Facial Mask that both have Vitamin C, Collagen and 7 Natural Moisturizing Oils that will definitely help our skin go fresh and healthy.

Natural Oils which are mostly plant-based are the one that keeps our skin moisturized and hydrated. So definitely, Oils are not bad for our skin.

Vitamin C keeps are skin healthy underneath. It can keep good blood circulation to our body and balance the base-acid within our body. And when we combined it with collagen, our skin will definitely be on our best. It will boost our skin to be more firm, smooth and healthy.

So now that we found the ingredients essentials, we go through the step on how we can achieve that healthy moisturized glow. Of course we should always pick a soap or facial wash that would not swept away the oil in our face and make it dry but rather pick a soap that will deeply clean your face and will help to get your face well-moisturized.

What I'm currently using is the Derma C Soap which has the fruity flavor. It stay in the skin a little longer but doesn't have strong scent of citrus fruits. It keeps my skin soft and fresh every after my wash.

Then after you freshen up, pamper yourself with facial mask at least once or twice a week to keep away your dead skin, get deeply moisturized and rejuvenate your skin. Facial Mask with a good ingredients will gives you a fresh start right after you use it and will keep your face hydrated at the rest of the week or so.

I also tried the Derma C Facial Mask which is unscented but will definitely give you an instant glow after 20 minutes. Yes, it only takes 20 minutes to keep your face well-hydrated and achieve that glow.

I don't have perfect skin and I'm currently having skin breakdown. But it will never be the reason to keep yourself skip your skin care routine. Instead, it is the most needed time when you should be more attentive with your skin care to help you renewed your skin and get that healthy moisturized glow we always wanted. Just don't overdo everything and let your skin breathe a little. 

You attitude also take a part of your skin health. You have to live and stay happy and pretty all the time. Keep yourself away from stress and be more conscious with the food you eat. Eating more healthy foods and lessen that sugary foods will also help your skin become more healthier. 

Anyways, if you want to buy or try these product, you can try some sample packs at or you buy it to our local department store, mercury drug and/or watson. 

This is not a sponsored post. But yes, I only get sample packs from a store who offer free sample packs (but still need to pay for the shipping fee), just to share with you my 100% true and honest opinion about the product. I do not get any form of compensation by writing this review and discussion. 

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  1. Wow gusto ko matry itong derma C Mukhang nkakarelax talaga sya . Yay pampering for my self ..

  2. Ang ganda at super relaxing...hoping someday somehow ma experience ko to. Thank you so blog ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Wow great review mizdee. Parang gusto ko ding itry. Do you have another page for your other reviews?

  4. Great review Mizdee. Parang gusto ko din siyang itry. Mag iba ka pa bang beauty products na maisasuggest?

  5. Sometimes a specific food can be your skins enemy - Food allergies or intolerances are often noted on the skin, simply because the skin is second largest organ in the human body. Facelift FAQ Costa Rica

  6. Diko pa na try this brand but based sa review nyo i find it convincing, safe to use and great product. Agree too that healthy foods make us glow pero dahil the world is changing ,there are factors which affect
    skin appearance and elasticity thus beauty innovation is a great help too. Ako, morenang tunay but there are some visible dark spots too that i wanted to lessen kaya will try this soon๐Ÿ’›

  7. On the off chance that you have zone of dry skin all over,Sandra Bullock Face Cream take a stab at including a serum under your every day lotion or treat those particular regions with a progressively emollient cream during the evening.

  8. Wow pampa ganda at fresh ng face thanks po

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