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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Getting "The Balance" - My 2019 Theme

Happy New year everyone! Today we are now ready to take another step forward... because its 2019 already!!!!

After we recap the whole "happenings" in my year 2018, we are now planning on getting the Theme or "Your One Word" that basically describes about your goal for the whole year. We will not  be talking about Resolutions which we know that it is a habit among us but honestly, we usually fail to achieve those New Year's Resolutions. So let makes it a little difference from what we use to do.

How? By making a "Theme of the Year". I started making theme just last year after I joined a support group which tackles more about planning your life in accordance to what your goal is.

 Anyway, it is like finding your BIG GOAL every year in which you are really planning and organize the things you want to do for this year. Here, you are more FOCUS about one thing and taking little steps that will help you achieve that ONE GOAL. 

Last year is about Me and my Version 2.0 which basically focus on developing myself as a person, as a career woman and also getting a better relationship to those people I treasure the most. But for this year it will be about my finances  -  Money Theme.

Now you're getting what I meant when I say my theme is "THE BALANCE". Terms usually use in Accounting Booking where we compare the Debit and Credit Side of our finances and for this year I have to keep that balance so I can have better Finances this year.

I come up with this theme because of the amount of money I spend for 2018. That's one of the good thing of doing a year end post where you discover the part where you need to improve the most. So, this year my main goal is to "EARN OR SAVE my FIRST MILLION: through that balance sheet.

Can I really make it? Maybe and I'll be preparing my game plan for that. So for now, I just wanted to share with you my BIG GOAL or my "Theme of the Year". Keep posted as I unveil as well the "QUARTER MINI GOALS" I have towards that BIG GOAL. Happy New Year Again Everyone!

QUESTION: If I ask you about your ONE MAIN GOAL for 2019, what would it be? Share your thoughts with me below. Just comment it down and I would be glad to ready it my dearest! See you to my socials!


  1. Wow ganda .. Happy new year po .. More blessings this 2019

  2. Actually i want to loose weight this year and march nagstart ako mag keto so far i lost 8 kilos na and maintaining nalang ako now. ☺