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Monday, December 3, 2018

Rebranding this Site Again Plus FB Giveaway

Long Hiatus is over and now we are back again with a new skin and new brand. So this is just an update post for what's new with my blog again and what you will be expecting for 2019!!!!

So, Mizdee will be rebranding again as my Nutrition, Lifestyle and Business blog. I also re-activated  all of my social media accounts and you can visit and follow me there. Just click the links below:

Too many to handle?  Yes,  but I handle it all that accounts for a reason. Just like what I describe myself, a Versatile Freelancer, because I do multi-tasking - A day job and online activities. I'm a FULL TIME Dietitian in hospital with shifting schedule and after I do my work, I'll be busy doing my blog, business and shop ONLINE. My reason? because I want to do something DIFFERENT. 

What kind of different would it be? You will find it soon in 2019 because it is connected to my YEAR GOAL for 2019. I'll be doing something for the very first time. To keep you updated just follow and like all my social media accounts. I also constantly giving free stuff in different sites there.

NOW for our giveaway... We are currently having a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY COLLABORATION with my Co-bloggers and everyone is free to join. You can check the complete mechanics to my facebook page just click here ---->

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