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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

365 of 365 : Standing Tall (Year End Special)

365 of 365 Days. This year has come to end but all the memories are fresh and will live forever. It is that time of the year were we have to look back with the things we've done and the learning we have to know. 365 days 12 months 4 quarter 1 year... 

Now let me share to my 4 quarter highlights of my year 2018. And since I started doing with "THEMES" I also fixed this year with a quarterly goal with different GOALS to achieve but of course I always make sure that is pointing correctly to my star. 

My 2018 Theme is about my Personal Growth Emotionally, Socially, Mentally or Professionally. It's my Mizdee version 2.0 year.


One funny thing I tried to do in my first quarter is to get fit. I literally overweight to what I'm suppose to have. In my line of profession, YOUR WEIGHT DOES MATTER the most because as the saying goes... do what your preach.. and if you can't do what you say, teaching others of what is best for them will not be as truthful as it is because YOU'RE NOT A LIVING PROOF. So for 2018 I decided to regain my status and my weight. I reduced 8 lbs for 8 weeks and because of my stubbornness I just sustain my initial weight until the year end.

If I'm satisfied with the result? Of course NOT! it is because I'm still overweight. but hopefully I get more result next time.


If I have to choose of my favorite months, I will choose this quarter. It was an achievement unlock for my career growth. After I got my licensed back in 2014, my name had 3 new letters attached to it whichi is the RND (Registered Nutritionist Dietitian) and now I had my new 4 letters added to my name which is the FSCO (Food Safety Compliance Officer). I got my label after I finished the 3 intensive training about food safety. I pass all the written examination as well as its practical test.

I also got my certificates as a dual role in ServSafe Food Safety Coach (Instructor and Proctor). I got my SerSafe Manager Certificates last August 2017 and I level up the thing this year.

THIRD QUARTER: Start Investing

I hardly focus on my finances this year but I decide to invest in some businesses - Online Business that have been constantly there but I never cared. So yes, I also know find a new niche which is Finance or Business which I earn extra income from it.

So you may have some idea of what I do but I gonna tell you anyway. I enter the "NETWORKING" industry focusing in the 3 most common type - Reselling (Buy and Sell Online), Affiliate Marketing and Networking Marketing.

I barely focus it all but I still started it already. I just have to finalize some of its content so for 2019, it is the start of the real "MONEY MAKING MACHINE" year for me. *finger crossed*


A year without a make over is boring. It's like a tradition for everyone that we atleast do something different to ourselves and that is how "MAKE OVER WORKS".Mine was changing my hair length and color. I cut it short and colored it with brown. If I'm satisfied? It's OKAY... Not to Great but NOT BAD at all. I just wish I can regain my old weight. Hoping.

Another thing that is NEW to me, not physically but emotionally is that I be able to treat my mom on a road trip with me and finally I officially let my mom and my boyfriend met. We've been 34 months as boyfriend/girlfriend but since my mom live in province, they haven't met yet though I talk to much about HIM over the phone.

Just a bonus points, I become more socially active to some of my accounts and I'm happy with its status. For this year, I honestly didn't do well but since it is my first year to try these "THEMES" It is not bad I guess. What problem I usually encounter to myself is that I always lost motivation somewhere in the middle of it but hopefully my 2019 will be much better. Wish me Lack.

Thank you 2018 for the learning, memories and good and bad luck. It may not be perfect year for me but at least I had the chance to celebrate it and make something different that to the previous year. Again, Thank you!

Share your thoughts with me. How was your 2018? How will you describe your year? I would really like to read all your thoughts. Just comment down below with anything that you like and I will try to read and response to you all. Happy New Year Everyone!

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