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Friday, July 20, 2018

Splitting Contents from this day onwards

Hi everyone! this is just a brief update from this blog. There will be a few changes here and a new stuff to come.

So first let me discuss the few changes here in my blog. Mizdee will be official a Nutrition Blog only which I will post most about my profession, health and nutrition care. This will be an Educational site for those who will be interested with food, diets and health. There are more plans here and I can't tell it all, but right now, you can seat back and relax and discover the new stuff here. :)

Now for the newest stuff, I bought a new domain which is CAYUMANGGI.COM and this will be my LIFESTYLE Blog. So my post about beauty and fashion was transferred here. The reason behind I want to moved all the new lifestlye blog in this new domain is because of my upcoming BIG PASSION PROJECT that I will be discussing soon to my new home.

Anyway, just a back story, CAYUMANGGI, I get the name from Kayumanggi, the native skin color of Filipinos. Cayumanggi will be all about Filipino Culture, Beautiful Wonders, Empowering and Self-Love of Filipina/Filipino Beauties - the Morena/Moreno, and all the stories about the color - Kayumanggi.

So that's it for now and hope to see you as well to my new hope. :)

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  1. Wow.. Mizdee and cayumanggi. Alam ko po sa inyo rin ung style by mizdee my pa giveaway po kasi dun nawala rin ung page