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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dietitian's Confession: Guilty Pleasure Food

Guilty Pleasure foods are food that you love to eat secretly. It may be something that are gross or something that you not allowed to eat or something that almost every one hate  but you enjoy it a lot. 

Everyone had that kind of guilty pleasure food. Even those who have strict diets, they still have that kind of food that will eat during their cheat day as well. And it includes me! 

If you think that Dietitian only eat foods that are green and colorful, well you're thinking it wrong. We still love carbohydrates and high fat foods as well. We just have to eat it right and by means of eating right, it means It should be in right portion and right moderation.

I honestly still enjoy a slice or more pizza, a pasta for snacks, more cups of rice and so. But as the saying goes, something too much or too little is bad. So you have to eat enough depending to your nutrient & energy allowance in a day. You have to eat enough portion to kill those cravings and be satisfy with that amount. If you eat a bit too much of what you need, you should burn it out through making an extra effort in moving around or more physical activity that your usual.

"You don't need to deprive yourself with the food you like. You just have to learn on HOW MUCH and HOW OFTEN you should eat it."

Did you learn something from this? If YES, I would love to hear it too. Just comment and share your thoughts below.


  1. Thanks for this tips na its okey as long its moderate, I love chocolate and cakes lalo na kapag stress

  2. Wow nice tips.. I Love sweets nakakatanggal ng stressed ^_^

  3. Very useful tips ms,mizdee 😍 di ako mahilig sa sweets pero nung makita ko nag'crave at nagpabili ako hahaa pati si baby sa tyan natuwa 😂 thanks for this ms,mizdee 😘