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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The 5 Eye Shadow Shades you can try for Morena

July 24, 2018 6 Comments

Having a dark, tan or morena skin will never put you on limits in slaying a make up look. We can play from nude color to playful one. We can wear something brighter or darker shade and pop out our beauty.
When it comes to shopping for your eye shadow palette, we usually go for nude color to achieve that natural look. Sometimes, we can also do an evening look by just putting that smoky eye shadow plus a shimmering bronze to add drama.

If you want to be more playful with you looks, here are some of the eye shadow make up that you can try as well.

Brown will always be our favorite. It complement our skin perfectly and can achieve a natural to elegant look which depends on how deep or volume you'll put for your eye. It is best wore as your everyday look.

Red are not the first choice you might think for an eye shadow, but with the right shade, you can stand out best with red. You can try maroon or indian red for a bold and edgy evening look. 

Metallic colors seems to bright but can add easy drama as well. You can wear it from day till night and will work best with a touch of brown on the side. Try the metallic gold to achieve that day till night look.

If you are tired of doing black-brown smokey eye shadow, you can use gray as an alternative. It looks sleek and elegant with small line of glitters as well.

 Any rich shade will always work best with our skin color. So if you want to be playful, you can try plum or magenta shade to achieve an galaxy inspired look.

But the best thing to wear always is CONFIDENCE. Nothing beats the fact that you are proud and confident about your own beauty despite of the people treating you indifferently. 


If you can choose, which shade you love to try? and if you can add to our list, what shade would you recommend as well? Tell me more about your thoughts. Just leave a comment below.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dietitian's Confession: Guilty Pleasure Food

July 22, 2018 3 Comments

Guilty Pleasure foods are food that you love to eat secretly. It may be something that are gross or something that you not allowed to eat or something that almost every one hate  but you enjoy it a lot. 

Everyone had that kind of guilty pleasure food. Even those who have strict diets, they still have that kind of food that will eat during their cheat day as well. And it includes me! 

If you think that Dietitian only eat foods that are green and colorful, well you're thinking it wrong. We still love carbohydrates and high fat foods as well. We just have to eat it right and by means of eating right, it means It should be in right portion and right moderation.

I honestly still enjoy a slice or more pizza, a pasta for snacks, more cups of rice and so. But as the saying goes, something too much or too little is bad. So you have to eat enough depending to your nutrient & energy allowance in a day. You have to eat enough portion to kill those cravings and be satisfy with that amount. If you eat a bit too much of what you need, you should burn it out through making an extra effort in moving around or more physical activity that your usual.

"You don't need to deprive yourself with the food you like. You just have to learn on HOW MUCH and HOW OFTEN you should eat it."

Did you learn something from this? If YES, I would love to hear it too. Just comment and share your thoughts below.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Six Hideouts you can find in the Happy Island

July 21, 2018 4 Comments

Catanduanes is the happy island in Luzon. It is my hometown but even though I grow up in there, I still have a lot of unfamiliar places to go with. So I decided to scrap down some of those places. Anyway, this story is way back  July 2017 but I haven't posted it yet because of some personal reasons?. lol. 

So back to the story. When I had a chance to visit Catanduanes, I tried to go to those places that I never been before, and together with my old mate - May Jade, we did the Six Destination in one Day Tour. Some of these places were already featured on tv like Jessica Soho and Bayahe ni Drew.

This is our time frame as we visited the six destination. We started around 7:00AM and ended it around 5:30PM. By the way, as we go along to each destination, I'll give some few guide that you can use if you decided to visit it as well.


Virac View Deck is located in Danicop, Virac, Catanduanes. It is a 10 to 15 minutes or less ride from the Catanduanes State University. We did a special ride which cost 20.00 pesos.

We talked to the caretaker and we registered our name first and pay an entrance fee. It is a 30 minutes trekking using the improvised stair made  by the caretaker. Some part of the stairs and path where damage because of the typhoon that recently visited our place during that time. They haven't fixed everything yet. But still the view is majestic. They also have souvenir handicrafts that you can find there.

My most favorite part during the trek is the hugot lines that were intentionally posted for the trekkers to somehow cheer you on. Then when you finally reach the top, you will finally see the beauty of Virac.

Virac View Deck gives a slight sneak peek of the City of Virac and its breathtaking view that are very instagrammable.


Before we went to our next destination, we had our first stop over near the Capitol to take our snacks and buy some travel snacks. From the Virac View Deck, we take a tricycle ride to Capitol. It is a 10 minutes ride for only 20.00. After we had our snacks, We ride another tricycle to Maribina Falls. We paid another 20 pesos for the 10 - 20 minutes ride plus a 5 minutes walk to the entrance of the Resort.

If your not into salty water you can always try the falls. The water is really refreshing to play with. I soak my feet for a will and enjoy the view. We don't have extra clothes and I'm not a good swimmer so we stick in taking photos. By the way, it has a 20.00 pesos entrance fee for Adults and 15 pesos for Children.


Batalay in Bato, Catanduanes is popular for the Holy Cross and Holy Water. it was a short visit at the church since it is also under renovation that time. Many Catandunganon visited the church during Visita Iglesia or during Holy Week.


After we visited the Church we walk towards the Mangrove Eco Park. We had a hard time finding a boat to rent that time because we didn't know where we can find one. It was around 1:00 PM and we luckily meet two young boys that walking back home from school, that guided us to their brother who had the boat. We pay 100 pesos for them as a treat for the ride.

Some part of the Eco Park were damage after the typhoon. The Man-Made Bamboo Bridge and Hut collapsed. The Mangrove Trees lost its few branch and leaves. The boat ride can make you go round the whole Eco Park and help you to have a closer look of the whole Mangrove Trees that they planted.


So from Batalay, we went to Barangay Bote. We did the "Habal-Habal" ride or a Motorcycle Ride because we can't find a tricycle that go in Bote. We paid 100 pesos for the back and fort ride.

Barangay Boto have it all. From a beautiful beach-feel scenery and a breaktaking view from the top of the Light House. Sakahon Beach will give you a great view for the 2 famous Animal Islet in Bote Bato. The Turtle Islet and the Crocodile Islet.

Aside from the beach, you can also visit the Bote Light House which is a 30 to 45 minutes trekking. You're hardship and tiredness during the trek will surely pay off when you are at the top already. 

At the top, you can see the beauty of the beach, the green land and the turtle and crocodile islet. We rest their and enjoy the view for the moment. 

After the Bote Light House, make another church stopover -  the Bato Church. This is one of the oldest stone church that are maintain in Catanduanes. We take the Habal Habal as we went here and take the Tricycle as we went home.

Indeed, it was a very long day and was burned. lol. I turned 3 shade darker than my usual skin color, but who cares, It was fun!

  • Always keep enough money and fare if you're planning a road trip.
  • Prepare enough food and water to avoid hydration and fatigue.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for directions, Happy Island also have Happy People.
  • Prepare your travel gear.
  • Make a plan first like making a map of your destination.

If your planning to visit the Happy Island and know more of  the other tourist spot, you can visit  

Friday, July 20, 2018

Splitting Contents from this day onwards

July 20, 2018 1 Comments

Hi everyone! this is just a brief update from this blog. There will be a few changes here and a new stuff to come.

So first let me discuss the few changes here in my blog. Mizdee will be official a Nutrition Blog only which I will post most about my profession, health and nutrition care. This will be an Educational site for those who will be interested with food, diets and health. There are more plans here and I can't tell it all, but right now, you can seat back and relax and discover the new stuff here. :)

Now for the newest stuff, I bought a new domain which is CAYUMANGGI.COM and this will be my LIFESTYLE Blog. So my post about beauty and fashion was transferred here. The reason behind I want to moved all the new lifestlye blog in this new domain is because of my upcoming BIG PASSION PROJECT that I will be discussing soon to my new home.

Anyway, just a back story, CAYUMANGGI, I get the name from Kayumanggi, the native skin color of Filipinos. Cayumanggi will be all about Filipino Culture, Beautiful Wonders, Empowering and Self-Love of Filipina/Filipino Beauties - the Morena/Moreno, and all the stories about the color - Kayumanggi.

So that's it for now and hope to see you as well to my new hope. :)