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June 10, 2018

We have our own taste of style when it comes to fashion and beauty. We also admire a lot of things and also try things new whenever we feel that its time to do something beyond our walls or outside to our comfort zone. But of course, we also get those time that we feel insecure or worst about ourselves. And we know that it is only OURSELVES who can really make us free about that feeling.

photo by odyssey

Let's face it, the world also give troubles when it comes to boosting our confidence because we live in a world that have that so-called "standard beauty". But generations and generations, and years have already past and people now a days stand tall about their own physical beauty even some people still enjoys bashing people's lives. And there's a lot of shops for beauty or fashion that extend their categories of items (sizes and/or shades) which gives chance to other beautiful human in the world and of course as a return it get them more foot traffic for their business. lol

Anyway, I also like to introduce my Shop which I resently open, last late January 4. - STYLE BY MIZDEE is your next OOTDs OLShoppe where you can get styled and be fab with their NEW SHADE AND SHAPE OF BEAUTY AND FASHION. Its a Clothing and Apparel Store where you can get a complete OOTDs from Head to Foot.

We are also open to have Business Collaboration with us as we expand our items to your LOCATION. You can visit our page and social media accounts here.


Currently we our running our first mid-year shopiversary. Visit my facebook page to join now and get a chance to win these freebies or click this link : 

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