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Monday, April 23, 2018


If you've been following my blog, you probably know about SampleRoomPH. But if you new here, I'll give you a brief description about it. Sampleroom, is a free website who gives you chance to try sample or full size product/s before you buy it. All they ask for is a shipping fee and a good and honest review about the product/s you purchase. 

Now, Sample Room open a new 3 SLOT as their next beauty Insider and I want to participate with the contest (it's very obvious with my title right?). SR Beauty Insiders are the so-called Aspiring Beauty Bloggers that willing to share their thoughts about the product /s in all honesty.

This is me. I currently weigh 66kg and a "kayumanggi" or morena woman who is just starting my road to success in the beauty blogging industry. I don't have much to brag like awards, features or so but I can tell you something good. Just like what I said, 

" I want to be part of Sample Room Beauty Insiders Team because it bound to happen and I'm empowering those morena and chubby women that are born to stand out".

I'm confident that I have what it takes to empower women that beauty is neither about color nor size but rather a perfectly imperfect creation within you that has to stand out and be a good difference among the others. 

We seldom see or maybe we see a fraction of women who bare their true beauty in the world that full of good" people. And even it counts one or twenty, I want to be part of that community. A community who share their stories, who help people to be confident about themselves, to tell them there's nothing wrong about you and you can still look and be good no matter what, or be one of the role model or be a good "SAMPLE" that taking good care of yourself even its about putting make up on or taking hours for your skin care routine... it's okay. you deserve it. you can do it. you can pamper yourself in any forms that you want as long as you enjoy it. IT'S OKAY!!!!

And if you're afraid of trying new things or taking risk, I'll be your confidence, be your strength and I'll give you my full honest review. I won't pull you in horror but rather be with you in "beauty" paradise. And that's how beauty insider works, that how beauty insider should act and that's HOW SAMPLE ROOM BEAUTY INSIDER should be. 

So I'm taking my chances, even it might be too early to try or not, I still gonna try my luck to be the NEXT SAMPLE ROOM BEAUTY INSIDER.  

So this is Mizdee (Real Name Divine), Creating new Shade and Shape of Beauty. Thank you!