My First Experience with SampleRoom PH

January 12, 2018

Online shopping was been listed as one of the new trends today and it quickly increasing to its peak. I myself enjoy online shopping rather than going to the mall and purchase some item. Being a lazy person, a ONE CLICK purchase is a big yes for me.

If your an apprentice beauty enthusiast like me and looking for something to review or try before purchasing a full package, Sampleroom PH gives that to you. is an online shop that let you "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY" in sample sizes. It is a community of beauty blogger as well that gives you their honest opinion before try things as well with their products.


  1. Sign up / Log in to your account. 
  2. After signing up you will receive an automatic of 100 points for you to start purchasing.
  3. Choose your item and make sure to is available. You can also check its equivalent points by clicking the picture. Make sure that you won't exceed to your points. You can subdivide it.
  4. Click the Cart and "Check out" if you're done choosing an item or click "continue shopping" if you have additional order. Please note that the MAXIMUM order per transaction is good for only 3 products.
  5. Choose your mode of payment. For my transaction, I pay through paypal. They also accept bank transfer and bayad center. you can visit their site for more details.
  6. Wait until 3 - 5 working days if your in Metro Manila and may add few more days for provincial shipping.
  7.  Try the product for at least one week before giving a REVIEW. Make a honest and sensible review for you to get back the points and for you to be able to purchase an item again.
To get more about Sample room you can visit their site at Sampleroom PH

What I love about Sample Room?
  • Worth it Sample Sizes that are FREE. All you need to pay is the shipping fee that will depends to the weight of the product. They have some full sizes but they also have sample sizes that already enough for a week or so.
  • Greeting Cards in every purchase. Though its not personalized I still love the effort of giving all the "Rommies" who purchase their product with a card of appreciation.
  • Variety of Option. They have sample products for Skin Care, Body Care, Cosmetic, Baby Care, and a lot more and so if your lucky enough, you get the items that you want with "Stock" label
Room for Improvement.
  • Availability of the product. Most of the items are Out of Stock so I have few option to choose of which I should purchase next.
  • Redeeming of Points. it took me  at least 2 weeks or so before I redeem my points again. 
An "Okay" part of the Service
  • Transaction and Shipping. Just follow their transaction method and you're good to go. As for the shipment and delivery, it took at least 3 days before it arrive to my place. It is not in they best mode of transaction but it is way better compared to other kind of services. :)

Overall, the service of Sample Room is great from the packaging to the product as well as from placing the order to shipping.



For the two tube, I prefer the face lotion in terms of consistency since the body lotion feels too dry for my skin. What I don't like about the facial lotion is the glowing effect or shining effect that happened to my face after using it. I just that like it especially I have oily skin.


This exfoliating scrub had granules included and smell like oatmeal. I like the gentleness whenever I use this product.

This is not a paid post nor advertisement of the site or product. This is a personal information and honest review for the service and the product.

How about you guys? have you tried any sample room products?

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  1. Yay!! I have also an account from Sample room, peeo isang beses lang po nakapurchase dun, pricey po kasi ang sf. hehe

    1. Hi Sis Angelie try to have the VIP sis super sulit siya kasi makakakuha ka ng mga full size items and sf lang babayaran na nasa 100+ lang hehe

  2. Makapagregister nga dyan.:) MAka free products :)

  3. I have account din sa sample room but wasn't aware of this thank you

  4. I haven't made an account will try this ☺


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