Flawless Beauty in a Box Review

January 31, 2018

Beauty begins when you accept yourself fully. It should be within yourself - in your heart and by just doing it the true beauty radiates in your physical features.

At first, I wasn't really confident of my own beauty. People like me, those Morena Girls, are usually neglected to the society of true beauty but through the years, peoples' perspective changes which leads to a much more demanding roles or have more variation about what true beauty means.

I'm not your girly girl type of women and I can survive a day without anything on my face. But when 2017 ends and here comes 2018, I decided to accept the challenge - #RacetoBeauty by Flawless Face and Body Clinic Philippines.

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Flawless (@flawlessfaceandbody) wants everyone to achieve that "confidently beautiful" look to every Filipina when they turned 16 last November 2017. As a celebration, they give back to their solid flawless family by providing a lot of promos and big discount.

So I grabbed the opportunity and bought my Beauty in a Box - Flawless Skincare Kit for only 499.00 php which usually sold for a thousand pesos plus. The kit includes almost everything (soap, toner, and night cream) but it lacks the sunscreen lotion/cream.

Continue reading to understand and know what I got.  But before I start, just a DISCLAIMER:

I'm not financially compensated for doing this review. I personally bought the product for review purposes only. Any opinion made is my own and 100% true and honest based on my personal experience.


SKIN WHITENING SOAP 90g. It contains Kojic Acid which lightens and provides the skin antimicrobial protection. Just like the typical kojic acid, and from the term itself, it is acid. Acid have that burning sensation when intake but for the skin, it has that "tight" feeling every after wash. 

HOW TO USE: Apply and massage in circular motion on the entire body or face. Rinse with water. It can be use for face and body and for your morning and night routine.

WHAT I DID: I apply and massage from my face and neck while counting 100 seconds or clock-clicks style. Then I rinse it with water. I even cut the soap in 3 equal rectangular shape so I can use it longer.

  • First effect to my skin : My face is blooming. It feels like all the dirt were washed off properly and it tightens my skin.
  • After a few days of using it, it already have an effect to my skin.
  • If your not fond of strong sensation, then using it will be painful.
  • It easily melt when it contacts with too much water or when frequently use. So I highly suggest to divide the product so you can use it longer.
4 stars - loved the product

WHITENING TONER 120ml. It lightens the skin. It helps to restore the pH balance of the skin. It minimizes the appearance of future discoloration and hyperpigmentation. It smells alcohol so it has scent. I can compare it to some of those commonly used drugstore brands that are highly commercialized by artist in the Philippines.

HOW TO USE: Apply with an upward stroke on face and neck using cotton balls. It is for morning and evening use.

WHAT I DID: I followed the instruction. That upward stroke usually help our face not to get more wrinkles and helps to tighter our skin. Using it twice a day also help you to improve your skin color. 

  • Toner helps me a lot with my discoloration and hyperpigmentation especially in my forehead. 
  • It gives me the feeling of a much cleaner feeling in the face.
  • It has strong pH value that can dry your skin easily.
  • When applied, make sure to apply ample amount of it because just for some few strokes, the cotton balls seems dry already.
5 stars - strongly loved the product.

SKIN WHITE THERAPY CREAM 15g. It is for acne prone skin and hyper pigmentation. It helps to exfoliate the skin. For the first few days after starting using this, I saw my face dry and my face are a bit peeling off. It's a norm thing when using whitening products, and it only show how effective the product is.

Apply evenly over the entire face every evening.

Use sunblock/screen before sun exposure and this product is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

WHAT I DID: I just take a dip from the cream and make a dot across my face. I put it on my forehead, chin and cheeks then I'll spread it all over my face. Then the excess, I'll put it to my neck.

  • Its light weight and non-sticky.
  • It really moisturized my skin and help me cover the dryness and peel offs in my face.
  • I really love this cream so I don't have a bad thing to say other than it is a small pack.
5 stars - strongly loved the product.


PS :  I usually don't wear make up and this is just captured with room light (fluorescent). Sorry for my eyebags. lol. Please focus to my forehead. Though its not perfect yet it lightens my skin. #nofilter 

Overall I really love the product because of its effect to my skin. My face radiates and brightened after a month. The product last a month and I used the product every morning and night for exactly 32-days. There are times when my pimples show but it dry up quickly. I'm guessing this is because I maintain my face clean for a month.

A few tip also is to avoid contact with your bare hands to your face. If you can't avoid touching your face just like me, I always keep my hands clean and sanitize.

Anyways about the product/promo, it already expired last December 31, 2017.


  • Alcogel Aromatherapy Hand Sanitizer
  • Natural Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing and Moisturizer Gel (Morning Use)
  •  Belo Face Sun Expert Sun Screen (Travel Pack) *will have separate review for this one. so please stay tune. ^_^

"Our face are usually exposed with dirt and germs so we have to clean them regularly. It goes the same way in keeping our hands clean every now and then to avoid transferring the dirt from the hand to your face... because pimples occur when our face are left uncleaned."

Thank you for reading! How about you? Have you tried something new for 2018? Let me know about it by commenting down below. 

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  1. Thanks for this honest review madam..
    Hindi pa ako nakapag try ng product from flawless pero madami na akong nasubukan na ibang product para lang maglighten yumg skintone ko pero ang hirap bes, kahit anung gawin ko wala man nangyari. hehe Mahal po talaga magpaganda at magpaputi. jeje kaya stop na ako.. Kontento nalang po ako kung anu ang merun ako.

    1. hehehe yes sissy. we should be proud about ourselves. but sometimes we need to pamper ourselves din naman hehe :)


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