Pinto Art Museum : Sanctuary for Arts

October 03, 2017

If I remember correctly, it was last year, August 2016, when I visited this place. I honestly forgot to post about this place but anyways, here my story. 

If you're fond with contemporary or native arts, well this is a good place for you. Aside from the arts that you will surely be amazed of, the mission-style buildings and the amid lush of the garden, as they describe it, were indeed breathtaking.

If you haven't been there, or for those who've been there, you will surely agree with me when I say that the place have tons of doors and stairs to go with. It's like a secret passage but some doors are strictly prohibit to enter... so doors are kept closed. When it comes to the buildings, each place have different Arts to exhibit. Here are some.

Just in the entry point of the museum you will see some information about the place plus a sculpture of some animals or rather animal-shaped arts made with woods and nails.

They also has a pool and some beds/chairs near it which is a very good spot for photo shoots for wedding or "barkada getaway" shots... In the simplest words, the place, every corner of it is very "instagramable".

See? I stole few shoots for us to remember. 💕💕💕😘😍

A good view from afar. When you enter the place, there's like a theatre, coffee/dining area and a lot of old books and reading materials. For books lovers and for those who enjoy literature and history alot, you will enjoy this spot.They allow you to borrow it for about 3 hours or so.

Of course, my post will not be completed if I will not show you a few paints and crafts. Do you recognized the lady in the portrait below? Yes, It's the Tattoo Artist from Kalinga. I wish to imprinted my first tattoo with her soon... I really hoping for it.

The place also have souvenirs shop that you buy different stuff. I bought a cute red coin purse with them. According to the lady from this shop, If I'm not mistake, those people behind the "habi" they make is close related to the famous tattoo artist, and that's the reason why her picture was displace in the shop.

The picture at the right are samples of wood carving of Negritos/Filipino Man. It has different names from different sculpture they made. It symbolizes something about the kind of life they have before and express what a good man is, back in those years.

These are some of the photos I've saved. There's a lot more of it. And each picture or painting have used different materials. We found images that used negative films to draw and it illuminates as light from afar. Some painted they're art with news paper, with black and white color and a lot more.

I didn't recover some of the pictures because the phone I used to capture some other arts was stolen from me last March 2017. If we would have a chance to revisit the place, I'll have a separate post that mainly tackles only the contemporary and native arts from pinto art.

Generally speaking, I really enjoy my visit here. I'm not an amateur art critic so I basically express my thoughts about the arts like a commoner. I'm not fully equip with terms. Sorry for that part. Anyways, If you're planning to visit the place, here are some points I can share.

Entrance Fees:

  • Regular Adults - 200.00
  • Senior Citizen and PWD with IDs - 180.00
  • Kids and Students - 100.00
Transportation Instruction:

"What we did was we went to the Fx Terminal in Cubao and take the Antipolo Simbahan lane. We pay 50.00 each for the ride. Then after we visited the Antipolo Church, we took a tricycle ride from there to the Pinto Art Museum for another 50.00." 

Souvenir Shops/Cafe/Others
  • Pinto Cafe by Peppermill
  • Souvenir Shops near the Cafe
  • Souvenir Shops for "Habi" - Along the left side of the Area
  • Upon entering and paying the fees, you will receive a map for the whole pinto art museum.
For more information and booking you can visit their page at : 

So, for now, these are the things I have to share. I hope you like it! Keep posted for my next adventure. I love hear what you want to say so please don't hesitate to comment below. I don't bite. Really. Thanks!

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  1. My friend went here. This is so pretty, and a nice museum. I also wanted to go here soon <3. Love your photos by the way, thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Thanks Ann. I really hope you can go there too and hear your story. :)

  2. Nice post! It looks like a really cool and interesting museum and like you've had a good time. I love that you also added a lot of information like the entrance fees! Your pictures look amazing, too (particularly like the header)!

  3. Nakapunta na akon diyan last year kasama ang friends and super ganda. Super sarap din nung pizza na kinain namin. worth it yung entrance. :)


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