The Truth Behind Lies

September 03, 2017

White Lies are those kind of lies that are light or sometimes we do it to avoid other people to get hurt or for us to be save... but of course it's still a lie that we need to confess.

But there are also kind of Lies that we meant it, like we intentionally do wrong with other people but act good in front of them. People call it back stabbing and it hurts a lot especially once the person involve knew about those lies you spreading but you still act cool about it, and somehow both of you are connected either as a friend or just an acquaintance. Like you making two faces to that person, and usually it will end up having a conflict to the other person or worst. So lies have a lot of connecting the dots and there's two way on how it would end - A forever gap between the two of you or A forgiveness that you at least deserved.

Just a piece of advice and like the other cliche you always heard and talk about... Truth Hurts Indeed, whether she do it because she's caught or trapped by the situation or it is an act that are intentionally planned towards you... Either way, the truth behind their lies will get you hurt no matter what explanation they throw on you... but these lies differ on how depth the impact to you.
White Lies are usually less painful than a person back stabbing you. and it will be more painful depending to what kind of relationship you have to that person. But of course, always remember that Mirroring their action towards you will lead you to nothingness. Being in a revenge mode, will be no good for you and it will just add to the growing hatred between the two of you. Yes, your hurt but hurting others, you just make yourself one of them. I know you're human and have feelings, so get mad and talk bad things about them but don't allow your anger control you. 

So Remember, there is always a peace of mind for those people who know how to forgive that most hateful type of people.

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