That Broken Dream

September 24, 2017

Sometimes, it is nice to look back on your memories with all the things you've dreamed about before and now, you have it on your hands. Sometimes, you even forget about it and when the time comes, you then realized that your dream have finally come true. But my story is different.

For me, I always dreamed about being a teacher, who computes grade, preparing a lesson plan, writing on a manila paper or cartolina, or even preparing for a presentation. I've got inspire with my Auntie who is a teacher from grade school. But when I was in High School, I dreamed something else. I want more on crafts like interior designing, web designing or other crafts and arts related courses.

But things doesn't went in my way, I choose what my Mom studied which is Nutrition and Dietetics. But what I really want is to be an architect or an interior designer and study in my dream school, the University of Sto. Tomas. Opportunity doesn't come and I have to stuck with my school since elementary. Don't get me wrong, I love and I'm proud with my alma mater but of course, I want something else that my school doesn't offer. I'm really vocal about it back then even until now, but I don't have a choice that time so I've tried hard to embrace what I have. It was fun after all. But as they say, my heart wasn't there. But I want to finish what I started So I continue my education until I get my license and become employed inline with my chosen profession. I also thought that it would be a waste of time if I shift my course, since it will just add up a year for me and for sure, my parents wouldn't agree. All those years, I've thought I have to finished it and make my parents proud and of course to fulfill what my Mom started since she's a Nutritionist - Dietitian Graduate as well but She didn't passed the exam and didn't practice her profession because they have me and my older brother already. Family always comes first for her. 

I still have a lot of drama about it, I still carry it to myself and  I still blame them for my broken dreams. Recently, I open-up with this feeling to my Mom and I got her permission and say that I'm an adult now and if I feel that I'm in a wrong foot, I'm free to consider my other option. 

So I started to reconsider everything but things are harder now. At this pace, I want too many things and I don't know where to start. Indeed, being an Adult means Freedom but yet Confusing. You are free to do anything you want without asking permission to anyone but yet it's scary and a bit confusing of which is right and best for us. But one thing is for sure, Being Yourself is the Best Thing to Do.

For now, I want to finish until the end as a Nutritionist Dietitian since it is my profession now. I want to continue my study and take Master's and Doctoral Degree and get back on my first dream... To be a Teacher and to educate the people. Currently, I'm connected to a private hospital and I'm practicing my profession as a Dietitian specifically the Clinical Side since I'm done with the Foodservice aspect. It a good start for me since, being a Clinical Dietitian are most likely to educate clients or patients about Health and Nutrition. I'm also applying as an Online English Teacher as part time because I believe that it will help me to practice my teaching skills that can be very useful as I fulfill my dream.

Then when I get some spare time, I will take classes that will enhance my skills in crafts. It can be about Interior Designing, Web Designing, Baking and Cooking, or Art and Craft Works. As of now, I also do as a freelance blogger and this webpage is an example of what I do. Yes, it is new but I'm dreaming to become an influencer in the future.

I will highly appreciate your thoughts. So thank you for reading and stopping by at my page.

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  1. Our lives don’t always turn out the way we want to. Dreaming is a good thing, but at one point in our life we have to grow up and choose the path we want to or have to follow. The best thing in life is to do what we love – this way we don’t feel like working at all. But what happens when you don’t know who you want to be in your adult life? Or if you choose your university badly, should you finish your course or drop out?

    There are no simple answers. Sometimes life, parents or some other agent forces us to make bad decisions. The good thing is – you can be whoever you want to be. You can finish the course you’ve already started and then start another one. We learn continually throughout our entire life.

    I wish you success in you line of work and hope you will fulfil your dreams. :)

    1. Thank you Ms Kate for your thoughts. I couldn't agree more about what you said, as I quote it.. "We learn continually throughout our entire life." it was never too late for us to start a new venture! Our life... Our choice... :)


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