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Monday, September 4, 2017

Dietitian's Confession : I'm not a Cook!

Everyone has a secret but not all secrets can be confessed. Well since I have the guts to do it so, then you have to hear my own side of story.

As a professional, and as a Dietitian, we have some reputation or image that we all want to portray and we always want the positive one. But not everyone understand what a real Dietitian do or what their stand in the Health Professionals World. We have a lot of misconception about them and maybe through this little confessions of mine, you might have the idea of what we really do. So here's my first confession...

When I pursue BS Nutrition and Dietetics as my chosen profession or when people know about my course, they will tell me...

So you're great in cooking... 
I think I will tell my daughter to take the same course so she will learn how to cook... 
maybe you can cook some recipes and teach me how to do it. maybe you can cook delicious food for me

And my reaction? I'll give them a poker face or the best and kindest face I can give them because honestly, All those comments, are totally wrong though some Dietitians are really great in Cooking and Baking but we're not just "Cook". Yes, we have that skill but to generalized everything that we are just good in cooking, well honey you're thinking it wrong.

If you really want to learn about cooking and baking, you should take vocational courses like Cookery, Baking or take Culinary Arts. Because in Nutrition and Dietetics Courses, we only learn the Basic Cooking though some Schools already have subjects for Culinary Arts.

So here's the real score Why we are NOT Cook?
  • We only Learn the Basics. The course offers basic cooking lessons and recipes to try. 
  • We Cook to Modify a Diet.  Most of the subject course will be about modifying a diet from a regular meal to a therapeutic meal based on the Individual Dietary Assessment and Management Requirement.
  • We Cook to Teach. We have to extend our service as a Dietitian by giving an example on how to prepare the food correctly or a way on how to preserve the nutrients in our food, and to help them identify what is Healthy Meals. We have to teach our clients on how to prepare healthy meals, and we can only teach them properly if we show them or demonstrate it to them.
We all have similarities and differences in job description and that Differences make some Unique than the others. Chefs also have similarities and differences to Cooks as well as a Cook or a Chef to a Dietitian.

I hope I've clarify some few things about What a Dietitian. This is just my first confession so wait for my next confession so. For now, feel free to comment and react to this post. Thank you!

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  1. I hope I can also be a good cook someday for my future family. :)