Binurong Point : The Hills and Cliffs in Catanduanes

September 24, 2017

If you've been in Batanes or Ireland, you might find it similar to what they have in there. I never been in those places but I've been in one point that look similar to the hills and cliffs of Batanes or Ireland.

The Binurong Point is the newest attraction in Baras, Catanduanes that requires a 30 minutes Trekking and has Four (4) Point-to-Point Destination that allows you to capture a good view from above.

During my vacation last July, I asked my Mom to travel with me at the Binurong Point because I never been there even I'm from Catanduanes. It's nice to have my Mom as my companion together with my Tito and his Friend.

The Cliff from the first point in the Binurong Point was amazing especially the rock formation it has.

The 2nd Point is the complete view of the Hill and Cliff. It was a peaceful sight despite of the peak of the Sun. the light of the sun even add up to beautify the place and tinted the color of rocks, grasses and the sea.

Before we went to the third point, we went down to have a perfect view of the Rock Formation near the sea. According to our Tour Guide, this the place that tourists can try the perfect saltiness of the water and enjoy the beach.

From this point I really feel exhausted but can still carry on with the next point. The Third Point is another Hill with another view to watch.

This mini cave is a nice place for a stop over before we went to the fourth or before we went back down the hills.

This is the last/fourth point and it is another perfect spot for deep swimming. But some tourist mostly skip this point because of the narrow path we took before we reach this part.

Few Tour Tips in your Binurong Point Adventure

  • They've already fixed the path along the seashore. They provided a bridge to walk before the trekking part begins.
  • You can wear anything footwear you prefer. For me, you can either use a shoes or a fliptop.
  • Best to go during the sunrise or sunset to get the perfect view of the sun. So you can go around 4:00 in the morning or in the afternoon. You can even stay longer to enjoy the view even more.
  • Parking Fee - 10.00 php (For those who have service and/or have personal ride)
  • Tour Guide Fee  - 200.00 php
  • When we visited there, there's no entrance fee yet but they require for you to have a tour guide for your own safety and as your donation for the development of the place.


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To know more about on how to get in the Binurong Point, Just visit there page at Binurong Point

Thank you for Reading! here's an epic fail shadow effect photo for you guys! lol. I over edited everything just to hide my face and have a shadow effect... Well, I end up darkening my skin especially my face but my teeth still show its white color lol *nognog* effect.

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  1. Wow super ganda naman ng lugar na ito. Hindi pa ako nakakapunta sa batanes lalo na sa ireland hahahaha. Pero pangarap ko makapunta sa Batanes. Super green at ang ganda ng mga picture, perfect for instagram :)


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