Welcome Again 2017!

May 18, 2017

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Welcome! A fresh start again.

If you heard me before, well I would like to say Hi again... but if it is our first time to meet each other... I would like to introduce myself... in the millennial way... :)

The name is Divine, living a life for 24 years already. I'm a degree holder and a licensed Nutritionist Dietitian here in the Philippines.

Aside from being a Dietitian, I'm also inclined with blogging and writing random stuff. Some maybe useful but most of the time it's just some random rants of a typical young lady. Blogging become my online journal for the past 6 years again. I've also tried doing health and nutrition education and it is my third time to do it so I hope I won't lose my motivation again. *fingered-crossed*.

So I decided to start my year 2017 with a comeback blog. Mizdee's Mainstream will cover all of her favorite stuffs. It's all about some inspirational thoughts, professional blog as a Dietitian, categories about movies, music, fashion and beauty, and also my first travel blogs. So stay tune for that.

View my contact and social media account to get more updates from me. Thank you!
This is all for now folks. :)

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